3-Day Fuchun River , Ice Cave and Via Ferrata, Hotspring Retreat and Ancient Village Luxury Tour

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3-Day Fuchun River , Ice Cave and Via Ferrata, Hotspring Retreat and Ancient Village Luxury Tour

Time: February 8, 2019 at 7:30am to February 10, 2019 at 8pm
Location: Chun An, Zhejiang Province (浙江 淳安)
Phone: 15001791355
Event Type: ice, cave, 、via ferrata、hotspring, retreat、ancient, village, luxury, tour
Organized By: OK,Deal! Club
Latest Activity: Dec 3, 2018

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Event Description

Getaway from the hectic urban life in this coming Chinese New Year Holiday, let us go to Fu Chun River in Zhejiang Province for a luxury getaway, enjoy boating along river in breeze and forest, explore the ice cave like in wonderland, enjoy mountain view at glass platform and try adventurous via ferrata on the cliff, in eveningwe will have a relaxing hotspring retreat the last day we will visit Xinye Village for its ancient buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasty, and experience Spring Festival Culture with local folks


Hiking Diffitulty Rating ★☆☆☆☆ Easy-Suitable for every member of the family

Destination Chun An, Zhejiang Province (浙江 淳安)
Date Fri. 8th-Sun. 10th Feb. 2019 (2 nights 3 days in CNY Holiday)
Number of Travelers Around 30 people of many different nationalities
Cost RMB 1890 p/p (Includes transportation of Shuttle Bus, two-night accommodation in local resort, 7 meals in three days plus alcohol and snack for social party, tour place main entrance fee, travel in surance fee)
Accommodation& Meals: Two nights in luxury resort, group meals with local fresh food, Chinese&Western style breakfast, alcohol &snacks for the evening social party

Bus pick up 7:30am 8th Feb. at Kunlun  Hotel Jing An

Trip Inquiry: 15001791355 travel@okdealclub.com 

 Wechat Customer Service: okdealtravel  Public Wechat:OKDealClub

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Comment by OK,Deal! Club on December 3, 2018 at 3:27pm

Trip Itinerary

D1: Departure from Shanghai in morning, bus driving with 5 hours to Fu Chun River, Chun An County, after lunch we will have a ancient boat tour along river side, enjoy the breeze, fresh air as well as the beautiful nature scenery, after that we will check in hotel and enjoy dinner, the social party will be organized for members to get know each other.

(Breakfast:N,Lunch:Y,Dinner:Y  Accommodation:4-Star Resort)


D2: Relax and enjoy a fabulous breakfast in the morning, from 11am we will departure and go explore the biggest Ice Cave in East China, Walk in the snow fairyland, enjoy the crystal ice and limestone, you will be amazed by this natural scenery, there is a big glass platform for you to enjoy the mountain view and you will also have chance to try adventurous via ferrata outside of the cave ( 80rmb for beginner and 160rmb for experienced ), after dinner, we will enjoy free time or enjoy hotspring retreat at your own expense 158rmb/person, there are more than 40 indoor&outdoor hotspring pools with different functions, flower, wine, Chinese medicine, Jacuzzi and even the fun small fish pool for biting and cleaning your skin, back to hotel in night and enjoy a good sleep.

(Breakfast:Y,Lunch:Y,Dinner:Y  Accommodation: 5-star hotel)


D3: Enjoy your free time in morning, hotel check out at 10am and bus drive 1 hour to visit Xinye Ancient Village(新叶古村), visit the historical architecture built up in Ming and Qing Dynasties, after the sightseeing and lunch we will drive back to Shanghai, get Shanghai downtown at around 8pm

(Breakfast早饭:Y,Lunch午饭:Y,Dinner晚饭:N  Accommodation住:N)

Comment by OK,Deal! Club on December 3, 2018 at 3:27pm

You need to bring:

Small Backpack , Jacket to keep warm, Swimming suits for hot spring, sport hiking shoes, toiletries, tissue, towel and shampoo

Accessories Sunglasses, Sunscreen, camera, snacks with high calorie(chocolate, beef jerky)

Your Passport /ID Card and some cash


The Following will be provided by Organizer:

Mineral Water, alcohol and Snacks for the evening social party, garbage bags, First-aid kit

Comment by OK,Deal! Club on December 3, 2018 at 3:30pm

About the Tour Places:

Fuchun River(富春江) -- As a key part of the national scenic spot, Fuchun River, Xin’an River, Qiandao Lake, and the Sailing For Seven Miles tourist area features beautiful mountains, clear water,  a long history and a serene environment. In May 2000, it was rated as the national green channel demonstration site by the National Green Committee. Reputed as the little Three Gorges within the tourism industry, it boasts wonderful landscapes that are similar to the Three Gorges. Taking a luxury liner and floating downstream, you will experience lots of fantastic attractions such as little Three Gorges, Zixu Bench-land and Hulu Grand Cataract. What’s more, you can also enjoy the fish-dish feast in the local fishing villages.

Sailing in Seven Miles in Fuchun River(七里扬帆)

The scenic area is within the Fuchun River National Forest Park and is believed to be the most beautiful section of the river.
The trail starts from Shiwu pass in Meicheng and ends at the present-day hydropower station stretching a total length of 23 kilometers. The river flows past three gorges: Wulong, Zixu and the Hulu Gorge, where you see rapids running in a narrow river course flanked by towering cliffs.The region is also related to a renowned Chinese ink-wash painting master, Huang Gongwang (1269-1354), and his most acclaimed work “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” produced in his latter years. The piece depicts vividly the landscape along Fuchun River.


Xinye Village(新叶古村), with over 800 years of history, lies in Da Ciyan Town of Zhejiang province. A number of houses in the village were built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The cobblestone road with its gray tiles and post and panel structure, ancestral halls, and the Chamber of Cultural Prosperity reflect the traditional ideas of the culture of rural life. It owns 16 well preserved ancient ancestral halls, ancient towers, ancient temples and over 200 ancient residential structures. Built in the "Five Element Nine Palace" structure, Xinye Village is a representation of Chinese traditional culture ripe with both research and admiration value.

Comment by OK,Deal! Club on December 3, 2018 at 3:34pm

About Accommodation –

WARMJOY MAJESTY HOTELS (建德皇爵君廷大酒店 ), Opened in 2013 and located at Shouchang Ancient town at riverside, there are 155 guest rooms and large balcony on building top to enjoy the beautiful river view, featuring a fitness center, KTV , Spa and sauna room, the hotel has air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom with other full equipment.

Comment by OK,Deal! Club on December 3, 2018 at 3:35pm

Trip Cost: 1890rmb/person :
This includes the following:

  • Transport from and to Shanghai with shuttle bus
  • Two-night accommodation in 4-Star hotel
  • 7 meals in 3-day trip
  • Tour Place Main Entrance Fee Mentioned above
  • Alcohol& Snacks for the Party
  • Mineral water, Trip In surance, Bilingual travel guide service


The Trip Fee DOES NOT include: 

  • Invoice and your personal expense as well other unexpected expense.
  • Via ferrata activity with 80rmb for beginner and 160rmb for experienced if needed
  • Hotspring 158rmb/person if needed

Hotel with twin/king/family room will be offered for two people to share, 600rmb/person will be charged for living in single room

  • Register for the Trip
    Please send your inquiry or RSVP Info. to public wechat OKDealClub or to travel@okdealclub.com with the title of“RSVP for 3-Day Fuchun River Boating and Ice Cave via ferrata 8-10 Feb. 2019” and the information below for register, we will confirm with you the way to make payment once we get your application.
    (Necessary info.)

Full Name:






Your Passport/ID Number:

 (Optional Info.)

Emergency Contact Person:

Food& Beverage Preference:

Hotel Room Preference:

Comment by OK,Deal! Club on December 3, 2018 at 3:35pm

About Payment

  • To simplify the financial process and tour leaders work , we will take the full payment with short distance trips prior to departure, if you cancel the trip 7 days before the departure, full refund will be offered. And if you cancel less than 7days before departure day, we will keep 50% of the payment as bus/hotel/tour leaders compensation fee.
  • The trip are planned and operated by Shanghai Golden Age Tour agency, if you need invoice please make a remark when register
  • Click here for OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A  户外旅游报名流程及常见问题解答http://www.okdealclub.com/forum/topics/ok-deal-club-outdoor-trips


OKDeal Travel: Shanghai Weekend Getaways&Social Events上海英语国际白领旅游社交圈http://www.okdealclub.com/

Comment by OK,Deal! Club on December 3, 2018 at 3:37pm

OK,Deal! Club 2019春节假期船游富春江,探冰洞飞拉达冒险,温泉泡汤,新叶古村五星酒店三日游

活动地点:浙江 建德 富春江

活动日期:2019年2月8日周五- 10日周日(村街假期三天两晚)
同行人数:30 人 左右,中外男女
旅游费用: 1890元/人(包括来回空调大巴车费,三天的全部餐费五正两早,五星酒店住宿两晚,景点大门票,西式早餐和派对酒水饮料零食,团体公共用品)



集合地点:10月5日周五早7:30点 静安寺昆仑酒店门口华山路250号


15001791355  travel@okdealclub.com  

微信客服: okdealtravel 公众微信号:OKDealClub


新春假期避开喧闹人群,一起去冷门景点船游富春江,欣赏碧水呈奇,风光旖旎, 第一天山水幽静七里扬帆,第二天探秘江南最大天然冰洞,看晶莹剔透冰花宛若梦幻世界,玻璃景观台远眺山景,还可自费体验惊险刺激的飞拉达攀岩,晚上自费温泉泡汤SPA,驱走疲惫,最后一天在“爸爸去哪儿”拍摄景点之一新叶古村游览清明古建筑,品尝美味农家饭。全程四星高端酒店住宿,适合情侣家庭参加,OKDeal精心策划的融合游船,山水,运动,温泉和年俗文化的路线,欢迎你的加入!


路线难度 ★☆☆☆☆ 开发成熟的景区,几乎没有难度,道路平坦,以休闲漫步为主

Comment by OK,Deal! Club on December 3, 2018 at 3:44pm


D1 上海7:30出发,乘车前往浙江建德新安江,抵达后,用中餐,下午游览【七里扬帆】,这里是著名的《富春山居图》画中的美景所在地,山青,水清,幽境。乘船游览富春江,欣赏美丽的七里扬帆,踏峡谷,游览瀑布美景。后返回前往酒店入住。晚餐后,举办篝火酒水派对活动。

早餐:无        中餐:含          晚餐:含             住:星酒店


D2 :睡到自然醒,或早起呼吸新鲜空气,享用美味的中西式自助餐,11点出发前往【江南第一冰洞】,不去遥远的北方,也能感受冰的世界。自然溶洞中布满冰瀑布、冰崖、冰潭、冰钟乳、冰柱、冰森林、冰幔等各类冰雪奇观,洞外还有高空玻璃栈道让你欣赏美景。户外爱好者,可以自费体验【飞拉达】。我们听教练讲解注意事项,领取个人保护装备,开始惊险刺激的飞拉达之旅,垂直攀登,飞檐走壁,开始尖叫吧!全程有惊无险,心跳刺激。

晚餐后,前往【温泉小镇】,自费158元/人, 这里的温泉泡池有:玫瑰花池,酒池,当归池,水疗池,等十多个泡池,自由泡温泉。入夜,摘颗星星一起泡,尽享惬意。

早餐:含       中餐:含          晚餐:含    住:星酒店


D3 酒店享用美味的自助早餐,后前往千年古村【新叶古村】,荷花塘,稻田,穿过美丽的田园,来到美丽的村庄,古村,古井,古祠堂,古书熟(学校),古塔,池塘,等。中午在农家享用美味的农家饭菜。中餐后,乘车返回上海,结束愉快的行程!

早餐:含        中餐:含          晚餐:无

Comment by OK,Deal! Club on December 3, 2018 at 3:44pm










新叶村位于建德西南大慈岩镇, 2000年,它被批准为省级历史文化保护区。走进新叶,你会发现,这是一个历史悠久、民风淳朴的古村,仿佛进入时间隧道,时光倒流了数百年,我们又回到了明代, 回到了清朝。新叶村的古民居建筑,从明代的流畅简洁到清代的富藻繁丽,以至近代的反朴归真,是一处令现代人流连的世外桃源。




Comment by OK,Deal! Club on December 3, 2018 at 3:44pm



  • 双肩背包,若干套换洗衣裤,保暖外套帽子,泡温泉用泳衣(可选),保温杯,舒适运动鞋/登山鞋 ,洗漱用品,毛巾,其他个人用品






【活动费用】1890元 /人


1住宿: 四星度假住宿两晚含中西自助早餐







  • 冰洞飞拉达初级80元/人,高难度 160元/人
  • 温泉门票成人158元/人
  • 发票,私人消费以及一切不可预知事项所产生的费用
  • 晚上派对限量外酒水零食费要参加的人自理,
  • 酒店为双人标间,届时按照个人需要和性别分配,想单住的需要另付单房差600元


RSVP for 3-Day Fuchun River , Ice Cave and Via Ferrata, Hotspring Retreat and Ancient Village Luxury Tour to add comments!

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