OK, Deal! Club 1-Day Gangdun Ancient Trail Hiking Trip 28th October 2017 一日徒步岗墩古道,登慈溪最高峰

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OK, Deal! Club 1-Day Gangdun Ancient Trail Hiking Trip 28th October 2017 一日徒步岗墩古道,登慈溪最高峰

Time: October 28, 2017 all day
Location: Cixi, Zhejiang (浙江,慈溪)
Phone: 15001791355
Event Type: trip
Organized By: OK,Deal! Club
Latest Activity: Sep 13, 2017

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Event Description

Not far from Shanghai City, a quiet trail has been hiding there in the mountains since Qing dynasty - It is called Gangdun AncientTrail. Surrounded by dense forest, this place is an ideal weekend destination for city people who want to escape the hustle and bustle. Just make 1 day with OKDealTravel to enjoy the mystery of the forests, to feel the charm of the old cobblestones and to enjoy the sound of the wind in the trees. Walking on the trail not only refreshes and relaxes the brain, but also frees your spirit.


Hiking Difficult Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Moderate-Suitable for all physically fit people


Destination: Cixi, Zhejiang (浙江,慈溪)
Date: 8am – 7:30pmSat. 28th October2017
Number of Travelers: Around 30 people of many different nationalities
Cost RMB 320p/p (Includes bus fee, insurance fee, bilingual tour guide)
Bus pick up: 8am Sat. 28th October Hilton Hotel, Jing An Temple, Ext 5 Jing An Temple Metro Line 2&7

Trip Inquiry&RSVP:

Tel 15001791355

E-mail travel@okdealclub.com

Customer Service Wechat  OKDealTravel

Public Wechat  OKDealClub


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【Trip Itinerary】

8:00am-8:30am Bus pick up and departure from Shanghai

8:30am-11:00am 2.5hrs bus ride andwe will reach the destination – Cixi, the starting point of Gangdun trail.

11:30am-13:00pm Hike in the ancienttrail, immersing in the beauty of nature.

13:00pm-14:30pm After 1.5 hours’hiking, we will get to Gundun Village, an old and peaceful village in themountain. You could have your lunch there.

14:30pm-15:10pm Continue hiking tothe highest hill in Cixi – Tanaogang. Enjoy the great view from the top of thehill.

15:10pm-4:10pm Back to the village,after which you are free to take a stroll around.

4:10pm-7:30pm Drive back to Shanghai.


【Trip Cost】 320rmb per person

Cost includes:

√ Transport from and toShanghai.

√ Entrance fees formain tourist attractions mentioned above.

√ Bilingual tour guideand Travel Insurance


Thecost does not include:

× Lunch (bringsomething to eat or enjoy some local foods at the village at your own expense)

× Invoice and yourpersonal expense


【What you need to bring】

•   Small backpack, outdoor non-slip hiking shoes, sunscreen,sunhat, sunglasses and mosquito repel, some water, tissue, some snacks for thebus journey, pack-lunch, other personal stuffs.

•   Please note this is a wild hike. It is important to haveproper hiking shoes, that are non-slip.

•   Remember to bring umbrella or raincoats, in case it israining.

•   The organizer will provide mineral water and first aidkit.


【The organizer will offer】

Mineral water, limited beers, first aid kit, raincoats

Comment by OK,Deal! Club on September 13, 2017 at 1:33pm

【Register for the Trip】

Pleasesend the required information below to Wechat: OKDealtravel or emailtravel@okdealclub.com with the title of “RSVP for OK, Deal! Travel 1-Day GangdunAncient Trail Hiking Trip 28th October 2017 “. Call15001791355 for more details









YourPassport/ID Number:


【Registration Notice】

-We will take full payment for this One-day Trip prior to departure.

-If you cancel one week before the trip, we will give you a full refund.

-If you cancel less than a week before the trip, we will keep 100rmb astransportation fee.


Trip Notice:

(1)Special Note: the hiking route is full of the original ecology and fun, and itis not a regular tourist attractions, local facilities may not be perfect,sothe participants need to have basic understanding of the line situation, toaccept the "original ecological Tour"before registration. (This linebelongs to the climbing line, mainly to stone steps)

(2)For the okdealers: This trip is suitable for 7-50 years old, who can accept theoriginal ecology and have healthy physical conditioner.

(3)Please observe the time, if late you will miss the car and activities.

(4)Please listen to the leader of the arrangements, the fork in the road should becareful , in case we get in the wrong direction! Non-free time, please do notleave the team from the private action, safety first.

(5)Pay attention to safety: do not take a risk to see the scenery, watch out yourwalking road if it is slippery.

(6)This is an environmental-friendly hiking trip.

(7)The mountains are mostly woods, please do not carry the fire into themountains.

(8)Please bring friendly activities, be willing to help each other.

(9)About the weather: if it is raining too heavy the activities wii be canceled,and we will return full refund. We will notify the participants before the trip.

Comment by OK,Deal! Club on September 13, 2017 at 1:34pm

OK, Deal! Travel




活动日期:2017年10月 28日周六8am -7:30pm

同行人数:30人 左右

预计花费:320元/人(包含来回空调大巴,保险费用,领队费用,公共物资费 )


集合地点:10月 28日周六早8点静安希尔顿酒店门口


电话 15001791355 邮箱 travel@okdealclub.com

客服微信 okdealtravel 众微信OKDealClub



“远上寒山石径斜,白云生处有人家。” 这首唐诗描绘了一幅让人憧憬的山林古道、高山人家的美好画卷。 而在上海周边的慈溪,竟然也藏着这样一处石径、古道、远山、山顶村落…… 在慈溪以南, 有一条青石板古道叫做岗墩古道。岗墩古道始建于清朝康熙年间, 
由大小不一的青石块铺就, 石径穿梭在青山翠竹间,格外静谧和清幽,一路林木森森,秋风徐徐。走在岗墩古道上,看着眼前一块块大小不一的青石和悠长的古道,心中便自然会安静和沉稳下来。只需要1天的时间,和okdealclub的小伙伴们一起,让我们一路向南,从岗墩山脚出发,沿溪畔古道拾级而上,步入慈溪海拔最高的山村,登顶慈溪第一高峰。






11:00 经过两个半小时的车程,我们将抵达目的地慈溪,来到岗墩古道起点。到达慈溪,来到岗墩古道起点。 在以前不通公路的年代,高山村落‘岗墩村’几乎与世隔绝,这条古道却是村民们上下山的生命通道,人们背着柴禾下山去卖,再买些米盐之类的背上山来。古道上那些残缺与破损之处,便是那时村民日复一日踩磨后留下的印记。 我们将沿着古时村民往来的古道进山,体验以前村民的生活方式。


13:00经过一个多小时的徒步,我们终于来到了岗墩村。岗墩村虽是藏在青山白云间,这座闹中取静的小山村却名声在外,被评为“宁波市徒步运动休闲旅游基地”。 岗墩村有三宝:古道、茶叶、猕猴桃。村子里有小卖店,大家可以在这里补充水分和食物。适当休息后,继续登临慈溪最高峰--塌脑岗。 


14:30沿着新修的登山步道行走1.5公里左右,即可到达海拔446米的慈溪最高峰-塌脑岗。 塌脑岗位于慈溪和余姚之间的群山之巅,山顶平坦,视野非常开阔,可见群山连绵,山岳起伏,景色异常优美! 大家可以在山顶凹照型,吹风,发呆…… 

15:10  徒步下山,回到村子,可以分散开逛逛村落,发现高山村落的不同之处,或者自由活动。 















Comment by OK,Deal! Club on September 13, 2017 at 1:34pm

【活动费用】320元 /人






















发送微信到OKDealTravel或者email 到travel@okdealclub.com,注明标题“RSVP for OK, Deal! Travel 1-Day Gangdun Ancient Trail Hiking Trip 28thOctober2017”包括以下信息报名,我们收到申请后会和你及时确认付款方式。


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