2017 China Public Holiday Schedule - Now go! Plan Your Holidays

Workers of the world unite! The official version of China's 2017 public holiday calendar was released and contains mercifully few weekend working days.

Here we break down China's 2017 official holiday dates for the Year of the Monkey:

Dec. 31 2016– Jan.2 2017: New Year's Day arrives on a Saturday, and adding the weekend makes a "three-day holiday" (ha ha, nice try officials. It's just a one-day holiday really, isn't it). Kind of a bummer we don't get more time off, but hey, we won't want to get too hedonistic to kick off 2017.

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Jan. 27– Feb. 2: Spring Festival/Chinese New Year begins on the night of January 27, and results in a seven-day, inclusive holiday, with everyone going back to work on ... you guessed it, Valentine's Day. which is a Tuesday. We can hear the groans from the F&B community already. Sounds about right. February 4 a Saturday, is a make-up work day.

For the touriests, transportation will be extremely expensive in Spring Festival holiday, local Chinese are busy with going back home, or going overseas to travel, the best option will be planning your vacation 2-month ahead, or staying Shanghai with enough food storage while more resturants are closed.

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Apr. 3–5: Qingming/Tomb Sweeping Festival gives us a nice spring three-day weekend, which we can enjoy without needing to be forced to take a make-up day. In Shanghai, People can`t wait to put on their short sleeve shirts and go out for spring blossom tour! (But foreigners, please do not say Happy Qingming Festival to local Chinese people in this holiday!)

May1 – May 3: May Day/Labor Day Holiday is on a Monday in 2017, and the Ministry of Fun-Making has mercifully granted us an extra Monday off. The workers thank you, and remember if you want to travel in China in May Holiday, don`t go to popular tour places like Beijing, Xi`an, Guilin or Yellow Mountain, or you will not fully enjoy the trips with local Chinese touriests crowd.

May. 28–30: Duan Wu Jie or Dragon Boat Festival falls Sunday through Tuesday. eat some zongzi and enjoy fun dragon boat racing!( Chinese people usually have no tradition to travel in Dragon Boat Festvial , with less crowd and no traffice on highspeed way, it might be your perfect chance going to visit top tour places in China!)

Oct.4(within the National Holiday)What an annoying news !It is like that some days was stolen from my life,So lets prepare for the more cherish National Day!

Oct. 1 – 7 (be prolonged to Oct. 8): Ahh. National Day. Suck it, America, with your paltry single day off on July 4. We get seven days, which is more than enough to ease the sting of having to make it up with weekend work days on the following Sunday, Oct 8.

Now go! Plan your holidays before tickets get tight!

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