7-Day Trekking & Photography Tour in Yading Nature Reserve - Undiscovered Paradise for Hikers成都-新都桥-理塘-稻城-亚丁摄影纯玩 追寻最后的香格里拉 国庆7日游

Travel Location: Sichuan, China

Travel Date:  Mon. 2th - Sun. 8th. October(7-Day-6-Night in National Day)

Number of Peers: 6-20 people(age form 15-55)

Price Cost: 6888 RMB/person (Includes transportation via local private bus, entrance fees for main tourist attractions, travel insurance, bilingual tour leader service)

Accommodation Standards: five nights in 3-star hotel, one night camping including daily breakfast; 4 hiking meals 

Tour Guide: local bilingual professional outdoor leader

Trip Inquiry:

Telephone: 15001791355       E-mail: travel@okdealclub.com

Wechat:  OKDealTravel       Public Wechat: OKDealClub


Hiking Difficulty Rating ★★★★☆ 

Very difficult-long and rugged route at an altitude of 3000-4000 meters in plateau areas. The total hiking distance lasts for 40 km which requires 2 days. You need to overcome the altitude sickness along the trip. Suitable for healthy people between 15-55 years old.


Flight Schedule for Reference

Shanghai Pudong Airport— Chengdu Shuangliu Airport  Eastern Airlines  MU5403  09: 05- 12: 25

Kangding Airport—  Chengdu Shuangliu Airport   Eastern Airlines  MU5444  12: 05- 13: 05

Chengdu Shuangliu Airport —Pudong Airport  Eastern Airlines  MU5414  15: 50- 18: 50


Travel Routes Highlights

★ Look for the lost paradise in Shangri-La and “the last pure land on our blue planet”.

★ Enjoy the most pristine, mysterious and amazing Shangri-La view: the snow-capped mountains, steep cliffs, crystal clear lakes, vast pastures, Tibetan temples, yaks and horses etc.

★ Appreciate the fabulous heavenly plateau natural scenery and the unique Tibetan culture and customs.

★ Enjoy the colorful and changing gorgeous visual feast along the way which awaits the explorer and photographer!

★ To fully explore Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve, we especially arranged high quality tents with cooking utensils. You can enjoy the most amazing and unforgettable scenery in 2 days’ hiking. And enjoy the most unique and precious DIY food along the hiking.

★ Have a closer visit for the three holy snow-capped mountains: Mt. Xiannaiyue, Mt. Yangmaiyong, and Mt. Xianuoduoji. And have a zero-distance contact with the three holy lakes: Milk Lake, Five Color Lake and Pearl Lake.

★ Visit Xinduqiao to explore the picturesque photography paradise.

★ Visit the black tents on the pasture to experience herdsmen’ traditional life, and taste the authentic butter tea and tsampa for free.

★ The whole trip is comparatively free and relaxing. We will arrange more time for you to shoot beautiful photographs along the road if time permits.

★ We faithfully promise that there are no forced shopping along the trip. This trip is only for exploring the beautiful scenery and enjoying the Tibetan culture.

★ We will arrange the local experienced bilingual outdoor leader who is professional and humorous.

★ Free gifts with anti-altitude sickness pills, travel inflatable pillow, eye-shade, earplugs and OKdeal scarf.


Travel Route Overview

D1 Chengdu arrival. Transfer to hotel and be free to enjoy the local mouse-watering cuisine and snacks.

D2 Drive to Xinduqiao. You will enjoy beautiful natural scenery of green valleys, clear rivers, rolling mountains. Stay at Xiangyun Hotel.

D3 Drive to Daocheng. Visit the black tents on the pasture to experience herdsmen’ traditional life, and taste the authentic butter tea and tsampa for free. Stay at Golden Hotel

D4 Drive to Yading Nature Reserve and Hike for 20 km. We will pass by Luorong pasture, the there holy snow-caped mountains, Milk lake and Five Color Lake. Stay at camping. 

D5 Walk back to Chonggu Temple which lasts 20 km. We will pass by a large natural pastures, Pearl Lake and other lakes alike, come across many more passes. Stay at Garden hotel in Daocheng .

D6 Drive back to Litang. Pay a visit to the ancient street and Litang Temple. Later, enjoy the hot springs and have a good bath to wash away all your wearies. Stay at Xiangyun Hotel in Xinduqiao.

D7 Drive to Kangding Airport, transferring in Chengdu Airport, back to Shanghai.

Full Itinerary

D1(10.2) Chengdu arrival, hotel check in. 
Pick up Chengdu airport and transfer to your hotel(1.5 hrs). Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province, famous for its Cuisine as well as one of the major gateways to Eastern Tibet through deep and magnificent mountains. After check in hotel, verify itinerary with guide and driver and have the last check for your necessity stuffs of the journey. Afterwards, be free to try different local mouse-watering cuisine and snacks.

-Meal: None

-Hotel: 4-star hotel 

D2(10.3) Chengdu - Xinduqiao (altitude 500m-3300m, distance 471km, 7 hrs)
07: 30 Enjoy breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

08: 00 Take your luggage and drive to Xinduqiao.

12: 00 Expected to arrive at Luding city and eat lunch. After a short break, visit the famous Luding iron bridge.

14: 00 Continue our journey. Drive pass by Kangding city and stop for a while to enjoy the scenery.

17:00 Expected to arrive at Xinduqiao, stay at Xiangyun Hotel.

-Meal: Breakfast

-Hotel: Xiangyun Hotel 

D3(10.4) Xinduqiao - Lithang (altitude 3300m-4015m, distance 205km, 3hrs) - Daocheng (altitude 4015m-3750m, distance 148km, 2hrs)
08: 30 Enjoy breakfast in or near the hotel.

09: 30 Drive to Daocheng.

13:00 Expected to arrive at Litang and eat lunch. Later, visit the black tents on the pasture to experience herdsmen’ traditional life, and taste the authentic butter tea and tsampa for free.

14: 30 Continue driving to Daocheng.

16: 30 Expected to arrive at Daocheng and check in the hotel.

-Meal: Breakfast

-Hotel: Pengcuodele Garden Hotel

D4(10.5) Daocheng - Yading Nature Reserve (altitude 3750m-3800m, distance75km, 1.5hrs)

Notice: The total hiking distance for today is 20 km, lasts for about 7 hrs. The  highest altitude we will reach is 4800 meters above the sea level.

07: 30 Enjoy breakfast in or near the hotel.

08: 00 Drive to Yading Nature Reserve.
09: 30 Expected to start form Chonggu Temple(3900m) to Luorong pasture (4180m) – 6km, 2 to 3 hours one way, depending on how fast you go and how many times you stop to take pictures. It’s uphill but not steep, and it’s much more pleasant to take the riverside walkway than the road so look for it! Our leader will choose a suitable place to cook lunch for you according to the hiking situation.

Luorong pasture (4180m) to Milk lake (4600m) – 3 hours one way. Mostly uphill with a couple of very steep sections.

Milk Lake (4600m) to Five Color Lake (4700m) – 30 to 45 minutes. Quite steep uphill.

Afterwards, we will reach to the highest pass which is 4800 meters above the sea level. It is quite challenging, but the scenery is absolutely unparalleled! When walking in the high altitude areas, please pay special attention to your health and safety along the way, especially for people who have never been to here. In the evening we will arrive at a very beautiful lake for camping. And enjoy the delicious DIY dinner our leader prepared for you. A bonfire party is waiting for you after dinner.

-Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

-Hotel: camping

Lunch: rice, stewed yak meat, more than 3 kinds of vegetables, salads, seasonal fresh fruit, local snacks.

Dinner: rice, stewed chicken, more than 3 kinds of vegetables, salad, seasonal fresh fruit, local snacks.

D5(10.6) Yading - Daocheng(altitude 3800m-3750m, distance 75km, 1.5hrs)
Notice: The total hiking distance for today is 20 km, lasts for about 6 hrs. 

08: 00 Enjoy the breakfast prepared by our leader.

09: 00 Walk back to Chonggu Temple. We will pass by a large natural pastures where you can see horses and yaks leisurely grazing and wandering. Our leader will choose a suitable place to cook lunch for you along the way according to the hiking situation. Later, we will reach to the lovely Pearl Lake and other lakes alike, come across many more passes. Along the way you can feel the most devout Tibetan’ beliefs and faith! Most importantly, you can appreciate the three holy mountains form different angles and enjoy the breath-taken unique view from time to time.

16:00 Expected to visit Chonggu Temple. Afterwards, drive back to Daocheng.

18: 00 Expected to eat the Tibetan yak meat hotpot in a local restaurant.

-Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

-Hotel: Pengcuodele Garden Hotel

D6(10.7) Daocheng - Litang (altitude 3750m-4015m, distance 148km, 2hrs) - Xinduqiao (altitude 4015m-3300m, distance 205km, 3hrs)

07: 30 Enjoy breakfast in or near the hotel.

08: 30 Head to Litang.

10: 00 Expected to reach Litang town. Pay a visit to the ancient street and eat lunch at the local restaurant. After lunch, visit Litang Temple.

13:00 Drive to the natural hot springs (20km, 30 min) and have a good bath to wash away all your wearies.

15:00 Drive back to Xinduqiao (4 hours), stay for overnight.

-Meal: Breakfast

-Hotel: Xiangyun hotel

D7(10.8) Xinduqiao- Kangding Airport - Chengdu Airport - Shanghai
Today is the last day, your guide and driver will transfer you to the airport according to your time and schedule.



* The specific schedule in the itinerary can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Please understand and corporate.

About Tour Attractions

Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve: Honored as the “last pure land on our blue planet” and “the last Shangri-La”, Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve was first introduced to the world when the famous American adventurer Joseph F. Rock published an article and photographs of Daocheng in the National Geographic in 1928. “Where in all the world is to be found scenery comparable to that which awaits the explorer and photographer!”, he wrote. The snow-capped mountains, steep cliffs, crystal clear lakes, vast pastures, as well as the dense woods compose a harmonious utopian land.


The three holy mountains: Mt. Xiannaiyue, Mt. Yangmaiyong, and Mt. Xianuoduoji are called as “the Three Mountains of God”. In local customs they are the patron saints of the Tibetan people. It is said that a Tibetan will realize his wishes if he makes pilgrimages three times to these three mountains. Xiannaiyue snow mountain is the highest of the three, and the fifth highest mountain in Sichuan Province. It is 6,032 meters high. Tourists are attracted by Xiannaiyue’s special glaciated landforms. Yangmaiyong is 5,958 meters above sea level, as is Xianuoduoji. Waterfalls and many pristine lakes dot the harmonious mountain picture.


Xinduqiao: is a picturesque small Tibetan town and famous for its plateau pasture scenery, with vivid green grassland, streams, mountains, and Tibetan counting houses surrounding it. It is called the paradise of photographers, due to the wonderful natural lights and stunning landscape here.


Luorong Pasture: Surrounded by rolling mountains, Luorong Pasture is the best site to view the three holy mountains. Leisurely herds of sheep and cattle enjoy the green grass, clear water and warm sunlight there. When there is a breeze, the lovely creatures are barely visible standing between flourishing grasses. It is as if some wool balls are rolling around.


Five Color Lake and Milk Lake: These two lakes are close to each other, lying between Xiannaiyue and Yangmaiyong snow mountains. They are both famous for their kaleidoscopic bursts of color under the light of the sun.


Chonggu Temple: is the place you must pass by when going to the Three Mountains of God. It is an old temple, originally built 800 years ago in the Yuan Dynasty. Though the old temple is incomplete, every morning and noon tourists still can see Lamas sitting in meditation, reading from prayer books there. It is an important relic of local religion.


About Accommodation

Pengcuodele Garden Hotel: featuring free WiFi throughout the property, it offers 24-hour front desk service in Daocheng. Free private parking is available on site.

The rooms at Pengcuodele Garden Hotel are fitted with a flat-screen TV. Some rooms include a seating area where you can relax. For your comfort, bathrobes and slippers are provided in the private bathroom.


Trip Cost: 6888 RMB/person 

 The price includes: 

 Accommodation: four 3-star hotel, one night camping including daily Chinese or Tibetan and Western breakfast. (All Twin Shared)

 Transport: MPV local transport (8-33 seats), airport picking up & seeing off service.

 Meals: daily breakfast+3 DIY hiking meals+ one Tibetan hot pot; mineral water

 Entrance Tickets: tickets for all attractions.

√ Tour Guide: local professional bilingual outdoor leader.

√ Insurance: travel insurance.

√ Yading Nature Reserve hiking: horses for public and personal goods(two people share one), tents, camping mat, sleeping bag, cooking utensils, tableware and other equipments.

√ Gifts: anti-altitude sickness pills, travel inflatable pillow, eye-shade, earplugs and OKdeal scarf.

× The price DOES NOT include:

× Main transport from and to Chengdu, people will book flight ticket at their own expense, OkDealClub will help to book tickets if needed.

× Part of the meals: please refer to the specific details of Full Itinerary.

× Single room supplement 1500 RMB / person.

× Personal expenses, receipt and unpredictable costs.

× Tip: you can give tip to the guides, local drivers and other tips according to according to your own will.

× Additional irresistible costs such as flight cancellation or change in time, traffic delays etc.

× Any sightseeing vehicle, additional horse for riding, and self-entertainment costs.


What You Should Bring:

1 Necessities: passport / ID card , some cash.

2 Clothes: several sets of spring, autumn and winter clothes (day temperature in National Day: 15℃~20℃), lightweight thin down jacket or water-prof thick jacket(night temperature at plateau areas: 0 - minus 5℃), non-slip hiking shoes or sneakers, socks, sandals or slippers etc. 

3 Personal items: trolley case, mid-sized backpack, trekking pole, headlight or torch(there are no light for camping), knee pads, sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, mobile power pack, camera, tissues etc.

4 Food: please bring some instant food, drinking water and high-calorie snacks (such as beef jerky, chocolate, canned meat, etc.) along the highway in case of the traffic and breakdown time at the plateau areas. Still, please bring some of your favorite dry food and high-calorie snacks for two days’ hiking at Yading Nature Reserve.   

5 Medicine and others: please prepare it according to your own needs. The following medicine are suggested for consideration: band-aid, carsick medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, cold medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs etc.

6 Camping do not provide personal toiletries. Please carry your own toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, slippers and so on.


Special Note

1 If there are some irresistible factors or changes during the trip, OKDeal Travel reserves the right to make some appropriate adjustments to the itinerary and to ensure a better journey. 

Symptoms of altitude sickness include:

headache, which is usually throbbing. It gets worse during the night and when you wake up.

Not feeling like eating.

Feeling sick to your stomach. You may vomit.

Feeling weak and tired. In severe cases, you do not have the energy to eat, dress yourself, or do anything.

Waking up during the night and not sleeping well.

Feeling dizzy.

Tips for altitude sickness:

① Do some exercises before going to the plateau ares. After arriving, do not bathe and wash your hair instantly. Because the hot water will accelerate your blood circulation which can easily lead to altitude sickness.

② Refrain from drinking, eat more water, vegetables and fruit, and avoid strenuous exercise.

③ Walk slowly, and sleep early.

④ Keep warm, take more rests.

If you have the symptoms of altitude sickness, don’t worry, our leader will help you with the oxygen bottle and other suitable medication instantly.

4 About safety. Your health and safety is our top priority. Every of our leaders has received the first aid training. They are very experienced and professional to handle different accidents.

5 About weather. Temperature at the Tibetan areas have a great difference between day and night. It is said that you can experience four seasons during one day.  During National Day, it is 15℃-20℃ in day and drops to 0℃ - minus 5 ℃ at night. Please remember to bring clothes for keeping warm.

6 About sun protection measures. In the plateau area, as long as there is sunshine, you need a scarf, sunscreen, sunglasses and a sunhat to protect you from the ultraviolet rays and dry weather.

7 About accommodation and meals. Food here are traditional Tibetan, Sichuan and Muslim cuisine. Because of the limited road conditions, you may eat in-punctual meals. Please bring some instant food along the way. The overall accommodation is limited in Tibetan area. But we will provide you with the clean hotels.

8 About the road condition. Most highway is well-paved asphalt roads, but some parts are limited. Please be tolerant and enjoy your journey.

9 About the network. Most of the cities and villages we passed by have a good network system. If there is no network or mobile phone signal during the trip, we will will inform you in advance and provide you with satellite calls in emergent situations.

10 Please respect the local religion and customs. Don’t speak loud in the temple and religion-related place. Don’t take photos in the temple and touch items within. Don’t joke with local women and try to avoid the physical contact. Don’t touch men’ shoulder and head, for it is regarded as very rude behavior. Last but not least, respect every monk you meet. But don’t too be bothered, our leader will introduce the local customs and taboos along the way.

11 About environmental protection. Our team advocates ecological environmental protection during each trip. Please don’t destroy the local facilities, environment and litter around.


Registration Note

l Please notice that hotel are twin shared rooms and if you register in solo there might be extra single room supplement 1500 RMB/person need to be charged unless the trip organizer find another guest with the same gender to share room with you.

l Please contact 150 0177 9155 if you would like to participate in this trip and pay the deposit of 3000 RMB/ person when you sign up. The remaining balance should be paid at least 7 days before the departure date by bank transfer or cash at the office. If you cancel the trip, we will refund the deposit according to OkDealClub regulations.

l Please read the other application instructions carefully before paying the deposit OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q & A


Trip Registration

Send email to travel@okdealclub.com or send Wechat to OKDealTravel with the title “RSVP for 7-Day Yading Nature Reserve Tour Oct. Holiday 2017” which includes the following information for registration. We will reply to you with a confirmation and then show you how to pay the deposit.

(Required) -

Full Name:




Mobile phone:


Passport / ID No. Passport / ID number (for the purchase of Travel Insurance)

(Optional Item) -

Emergency contacts and telephone ::

food taboos / Preference:

Room requirements:


Click here for OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A  户外旅游报名流程及常见问题解答http://www.okdealclub.com/forum/topics/ok-deal-club-outdoor-trips


Trip Organizer: OK, Deal! Club http://www.okdealclub.com/

成都-新都桥-理塘-稻城-亚丁摄影纯玩 追寻最后的香格里拉 2017年国庆7


活动地点 四川

活动日期 102-108(国庆节假期)

活动人数 6-20人左右

事宜人群 深度旅游爱好者(15-55周岁身体健康)

食宿标准 5晚三星级酒店+1晚高配露营6中西式或藏式早餐+4徒步正餐

导游 四川当地专业双语领队 

活动费用 6888/



电话:15001791355          邮件:travel@okdealclub.com  

微信客服:okdealtravel       公众微信号:OKDealClub





上海浦东机场—成都双流机场 东方航空MU5403  09: 05- 12: 25

康定机场—成都双流机场 东方航空MU5444  12: 05- 13: 05

成都双流机场—上海浦东机场 东方航空MU5414  15: 50- 18: 50



★ 畅游一生之中去的圣地稻城亚丁——“中国香格里拉之魂”和“水蓝色星球上的最后一片净土”。

★ 全程感受最质朴、最神秘的大香格里拉风貌——高原牧场、雪山湖泊、花海森林、藏居寺庙、牦牛马群,一网打尽。玩转天堂般的自然景色,感悟淳朴的藏地风情,欣赏一路变换着斑斓色彩的视觉盛宴。

★ 为了可以全方位体验和观赏亚丁核心景区,我们特别安排了高配帐篷在湖边扎营方便2日全天候尽情游玩亚丁最美风景!还可品尝露营时最独特、最珍贵的DIY美食。

★ 亚丁小转山线路,近距离欣赏亚丁藏民心中三大守护神山仙乃日、央迈勇夏诺多吉雪山。

★ 零距离接触亚丁三大圣湖:牛奶海五色海珍珠海

★ 玩转摄影天堂新都桥,体验如诗如画的世外桃源

★ 拜访草原黑帐篷,体验牧民传统生活,免费品尝当地最正宗的酥油茶和糌粑

★ 全程轻松自由,确保安全与行车时间的前提下,有更多停车时间让大家拍摄美景

★ 全程无购物,环保互动,深度纯玩

★ 当地资深双语户外领队,颜值与才华兼备,幽默与专业并存

★ 俱乐部赠送红景天抗高原药物旅游三宝和OKdeal百变头巾。

D1 上海飞往成都,机场专车接机前往市中心酒店入住成都希尔顿酒店或图腾铂金酒店。
D2 成都前往甘孜州新都桥镇。途中游览泸定铁索桥康定溜溜城,当晚入住新都桥祥云酒店。
D3 新都桥前往亚丁景区途中游览塔公草原,体验当地牧民特色黑帐篷,沿途欣赏稻城风光。晚上住稻城彭措德勒花园酒店。
D4 亚丁徒步小转山。感受神山圣湖魅力,晚上山上露营。
D5 继续徒步一天,晚上回到稻城县入住花园酒店。
D6 稻城驱车前往理塘。理塘草原享受天然温泉,游览常青青科尔寺理塘老街。当晚入住虫草大酒店。




餐饮:(自理) 午饭(自理) 晚饭 (自理)

D210.3成都-新都桥(海拔500m-3300m, 距离471km, 车程7 hrs)

07: 30 酒店内用餐。
08: 00 带上行李前往新都桥。   
12: 00 左右抵达中途小城泸定,吃午饭,短暂休息游览著名的泸定铁索桥。
14: 00 继续出发路过康定,稍作停留,欣赏康定城景色。
17: 00 左右抵达新都桥,入住祥云酒店

餐饮:早饭( 午饭(自理) 晚饭(自理)

D310.4新都桥-理塘(海拔3300m-4015m, 距离205km, 车程3hrs)--稻城(海拔4015m-3750m, 距离148km, 车程2hrs)
08: 30酒店内或附近早餐。
09: 30出发前往稻城
13: 00左右抵达理塘吃午饭。休息片刻,前往草原体验牧民传统生活,到黑帐篷里做客,免费品尝当地最正宗的酥油茶和糌粑
14: 30 继续前往稻城

16: 30 左右抵达亚丁景区稻城入住宾馆后客人们可自由活动。
餐饮:早饭( 午饭(自理) 晚饭(自理)


D410.5 稻城-亚丁 (海拔3750m-3800m, 距离75km, 车程1.5hrs)


07: 30 酒店或附近早餐。
08: 00 乘车前往亚丁景区

09: 30 左右开始从冲古寺出发,徒步大约3小时可到洛绒牛场(体力不支或严重高反者也可选择坐电瓶车,往返80/人,单边50/人需自理)。上山时可远观夏诺多吉神山(意为金刚手菩萨,海拔5958米),央迈勇神山(意为金文殊菩萨,海拔5958米),观赏天然牧场、小野生动物、高山花卉、雪山森林、湖泊,体验人与自然和谐相处的天然妙趣。午餐根据当天徒步情况选择地点做饭。


餐饮:早饭( 午饭( 晚饭(

D510.6)亚丁-稻城 (海拔3800m-3750m, 距离75km, 车程1.5hrs)

08: 00 享用帐篷厨房准备的早餐
09: 00 徒步返程途中会经过大片一大片风景宜人的天然牧场,可以看到马儿和牦牛悠闲地吃草、散步。午餐根据当天徒步情况选择地点做饭。还会路过小巧可爱的珍珠海及很多清澈神圣的湖泊,爬更高的垭口,感受藏族人们最虔诚和最坚定的强大信仰!最重要的是一路上可以多角度、近距离的欣赏三座神山的壮丽景色

16: 00 左右抵达冲古寺参观寺庙。结束后乘车返回稻城,入住宾馆。

18: 00 在藏式火锅店吃火锅。
餐饮:早饭( 午饭(含) 晚饭(



D610.7 稻城-理塘 (3750m-4015m, 148km, 2hrs)-新都桥 (4015m-3300m, 205km, 3hrs)
07: 30 酒店或附近早餐
08: 30 乘车返回理塘。

10: 00 左右达到理塘镇上午逛理塘老街,自费在当地餐厅享用传统藏餐午饭后前往当地最大的寺庙理塘寺参观。

13: 00 从寺庙驱车前往理塘镇20公里外的天然温泉(30分钟。在浩荡大草原上泡温泉,不仅可以洗去旅途疲惫还能欣赏到绝美的风景

15: 00 返回新都桥镇(4小时),入住宾馆

餐饮:早饭( 午饭(自理) 晚饭(自理)

餐饮:早饭( 午饭(自理) 晚饭(自理)



* 行程中具体时间安排可根据实际情况进行微调整,请大家理解并予以配合。


























√ 导服当地专业户外双语领队

√ 保险:旅游保险

√ 亚丁徒步:托运物资的马匹费(两人物资配一匹马)、向导费、帐篷、防潮垫、睡袋,做饭炊具等。

√ 赠送:红景天抗高原药物+旅游三宝+OKdeal百变头巾。


× 来回往返机票,俱乐部可代订。

× 部分餐饮:具体请参考具体行程餐饮说明。

× 单房差 1500/

× 个人参与的游览项目、发票及其他私人消费等产生的费用

× 全程小费:给当地司机向导的小费,可根据服务质量适当给予

× 因航班取消或更改时间,交通延阻及其它不在本旅行社控制范围内情况所导致的额外费用。

× 行程里的一切景区观光车、体力不支自费骑马的费用及其他自娱自乐费用等。



1. 必须品:护照/身份证原件,少量现金。

2. 衣物春秋冬三季换洗衣服国庆节白天15 ~ 20℃左右轻便的薄羽绒加防风防雨外套(晚上0-零下5度左右冲锋衣裤保暖衣、防滑登山鞋或运动鞋袜子等 。

3. 个人用品:拉杆箱、旅行背包推荐随身携带腰包装证件和贵重物品登山杖头灯或手电筒(帐篷住宿没有电灯)护膝、遮阳帽、防晒霜、太阳眼镜、充电宝相机保温杯、雨具干湿纸巾若干

4. 食物高原地区路况有限,而且车程较远,很可能不能正点用餐,请自备干粮充饥。亚丁徒步建议带上自己喜好的干粮、饮用水,补充体力用的高热量零食(如牛肉干、巧克力、肉类鱼类罐头等)

5. 药品及其他根据自己需要准备。建议带上基本应急药物如创可贴、晕车药、肠胃药感冒药消炎药等。

6. 露营不提供个人洗漱用品,请根据需要自行携带



1. 行程如遇不可抗力因素而有变动,以当地实际情况安排为准。旅行社保留为确保行程顺畅而对行程做适当调整的权力

2. 关于高原反应及其注意事项



A. 不洗澡,不洗头。初到高原,先不着急洗澡洗头,因为使用热水加速您的血液循环,容易引发高反。
B. 多喝水,少喝酒。
C. 慢慢走路,早早睡觉。
D. 多待几天,让身体逐步适应。


A. 只有一部分人才会出现高原反应相关症状。

B. 在出行前多锻炼,让身体慢慢适应高海拔地区

C. 初来的几天尽量缓慢活动,要循序渐进,尽量减少寒冷刺激及呼吸道感染。这些都会缓解您的高原反应。如果出现胸闷、气短等上述高反症状时,立即原地休息,我们随时为您准备吸氧或用药(如:红景天、肌甘等)。

3. 关于安全您的健康和安全是我们的重中之重。我们的藏地探险的领队与导游均为经验丰富的当地向导,确保不会发生意外。他们都接受过急救训练。给您提供舒适安全旅程是我们的宗旨。

4. 关于医药。根据自身情况准备,但最好准备一些急用药品。如晕车药,感冒药,肠胃药和外伤药等。如果您之前的身体状况不够好,我们建议您行程前提前咨询医生以确保您的健康。

5. 关于天气。藏区大部分地区昼夜温差大,可谓一日有四季。国庆节期间白天15-20度,晚上0-零下5度左右。请务必准备保暖御寒的衣服。

6. 关于防晒在高原地区只要有阳光,无论什么温度,都需要防晒。这里紫外线强,日照时间长,请准备好防晒物品如防晒霜、帽子、墨镜等,以防止晒伤。

7. 关于食宿在藏地的饮食种类主要分为传统藏餐川菜和穆斯林风味沿途餐厅条件有限,用餐请自由选择。但因为路况原因,很可能不能正点用餐,请自备干粮。藏区整体住宿条件有限,但保证干净卫生。

8. 关于路况高原地区大多都是路况不错的柏油路,但部分路段及徒步路况条件有限,徒步旅途艰苦,请您在身体健康的情况下,以体验和探索之心开始旅程,并预祝一路开心。

9. 关于沿途网络。行程中经过的城镇村落大部分都会有不错的网络信号。而徒步旅行中则无法确保网络与手机信号的稳定使用。我们会提前告知沿途每一天的网络信号状况,以便您安排与家人工作的沟通。无网路时,我们也会为有需求的客人提供卫星电话。

10. 关于当地风俗与宗教禁忌。比如,在宗教场所一定不能大声喧哗。参观藏传佛教的寺庙等,注意要沿顺时针方向行进,不能在寺院拍照触碰寺庙内物品。对藏人女性不能随意开玩笑,尽量回避身体的接触。对男性,不可以拍他们的肩膀头等,这被视为很不礼貌的行为。对僧人要非常尊敬,因为他们是属于社会地位最高的人群.......但当地的资深领队也会沿途随时给大家介绍风土人情需要注意的事宜。所以您大可不必担心。

11. 关于旅行环保。我们的旅程倡导生态环保,不仅我们会随时注意收集垃圾,还会在行程中与当地村民交流当地环保的状况,协助当地人树立最基本的环保意识。环保靠大家,请为保护藏区这片高原净土尽一份责任




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其它报名注意事项请在交纳定金前仔细阅读OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A  户外旅游报名流程及常见问题解答



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