OK,Deal! Club 2018 9-Day Tibet Classic Mount Everest&Local Life Discovery Tour西藏挑战珠峰9日游

OK, Deal! Club 2018 9-Day

Tibet Classical Mount Everest & Local Life Discovery Tour

(Lhasa - Lake Yamdrok - Gyantse- Shigatse – Mt.Everest - Namtso)

Travel Location: China Tibet

Travel Route: Lhasa拉萨 - Lake Yamdrok羊卓雍 - Gyantse江孜 - Shigatse日喀则 - Tingre定日- Mount Everest Base Camp 珠峰大本营 - Lhatze拉孜 - Namtso Lake纳木错 - Lhasa拉萨

Trip Date and Quotation:

Group in Feb. Thur. 15th - Sat. 23th Feb. 2018 (Spring Festival Holiday) RMB 6500

Group in April/ May: Sat. 28th April - Sun. 6th May 2018 ( May Holiday) RMB 7300

Group in June:  Sat. 16th - Sun. 24th June 2018 (Dragon Boat Festival Holiday) RMB 7500

Group in July:   Sat. 14th - Sun. 22th July 2018  RMB 7500

Group in Aug.:  Fri. 17th - Sat. 25th Aug. 2018 (Sheton Festival Holiday) RMB 7500

Group in Sep.: Sat. 22th - Sun. 30th Sep. 2018 (Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday) RMB 7500

Group in Oct.: Sun. 30th Sep. - Mon. 8th Oct. 2018 ( Oct. Holiday) RMB 7800

Group in Nov.: Sat. 10th -Sun. 18th Nov. 2018  RMB 6500

(Price and travel date is negotiable for private tour group; please contact us for details)

Group Discount offered with 

100rmb/Person OFF if 2 Pax sign up together

200rmb/Person OFF if 4 Pax sign up together

400rmb/Person OFF if 6 Pax sign up together

Number of peers: 4-20 person/person

Trip Cost: 6500 -7800rmb/Person (includes three-star hotel accommodation with breakfast, local Business Van with 7 seats transport, sightseeing tickets, travel insurance and bilingual Tibetan guide service)

Accommodation and Meals: three star hotel with eight nights’ hotel accommodation and daily breakfast, lunch and dinner will be at your expense

Trip Inquiry:

Phone 15001791355 E-mail travel@okdealclub.com

Customer Service 13817105549(okdealtravel)  Public Wechat OKDealClub

Tibet, “Roof of the World”, has a magic attractive force for travelers for hundreds years. Many people take Tibet trip as a Must Journey that must be taken at least once in a lifetime. The awe-inspiring plateau landscape, the overwhelming devoted religion, the welcoming and friendly Tibetan people, the long-standing customs and tradition. Once stepping on the land of Tibet, you will have entered one of the most isolated places in the world.


Travel Routes Highlights

 Tibet classical and local life discovery tour begins in the holy city Lhasa and leads you to explore the most featured sites of authentic Tibetan culture

 A once-in-a-lifetime experience to view Mt. Everest, go up to over 5000 meters and spend a night at Everest Base Camp to enjoy the beautiful sunset and glorious sunrise

 Strolling along the stunning turquoise color lake Yamdrok, you will never waste every single minute by discovering new experiences on the way to Gyantse and Shigatse

 Group in Aug. has the chance to experience the traditional Sho Dun Festival which serves as the showcase to the rooted tradition, culture and great piety of the Tibetan people

 Visit the most beautiful and legendary holy lake in Tibet - Namtso - one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and the second largest alpine saline lake in Tibet

 Get affected by the devoutness of Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims and be immersed in sacred Potala Palace, vast grassland with yaks and snow-capped mountains

 Walk into Rongbuk Monastery-the highest temple among the world and feel lucky to see the miracle of The Highest Flag Cloud in the World on sunny days

 Experience real daily lives of local Tibetan and feel their hospitality and friendliness

★ You can do nothing but feel marvel for the nature’s masterpiece

 OK,Deal!Travel will send extra gifts including Anti-Altitude Sickness Pills, one neck pillow, one eye-patch and one pair of ear plugs once you sign up

 No compulsory shopping during the trip!

Travel Route Overview

Day 1 Flight from Shanghai to Lhasa and take rest in Lhasa hotel, enjoy the first day in Tibet

Day 2 Lhasa City Tour, Visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street

Day 3 Driving from Lhasa to Yamdrok, passing by Gyantse and stay overnight at Shigaste

Day 4 Visit Tashilhunpo Monastery and Sakya at Tingri, stay overnight at Tingri

Day 5 Driving Tingri to Rongbuk . After visit, leave for the Mount Everest Base Camp

Day 6 Mt. Everest overnight to watch the sunrise and departure to Lhatze, stay overnight at Lhatze

Day 7 Drive to Namtso Lake and overnighter in local guest house

Day 8 Back to Lhasa, and enjoy free time in Lhasa City

Day 9 Departure from Lhasa, back to Shanghai

Itinerary Details

Day 1 Arrival at Lhasa (Lhasa gathering day), stay overnight at Lhasa, 3650meters, 1 hour drive

Members will arrive in Lhasa airport, which has an altitude of 3650 meters. A local tour guide will accompany you to the hotel an hour away.  No itinerary during this day except to relax and catch up on any lost sleep!

(Tips:  In order to better adapt to the plateau climate, it is recommended that you get adequate sleep for the best way to reduce altitude sickness)


Day 2 City Tour in Lhasa. Main sites include Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple & Barkhor Streetstay, stay overnight in Lhasa

After breakfast we will visit the Potala Palace in Lhasa. Potala Palace is divided into several different sections: the first part is known as the main building of the White House. The White House is also known as the Dalai Lama’s home where a majority of his political beliefs were born. This palace is regarded as one of the top ten architectural sites of the world. Tibet’s Potala Palace is regarded as the heart of the Tibetan people.

After lunch, we will visit the Jokhang Temple, also known as “Zula Kang”, which was established in the 7th century. Regardless of geographical location, the Jokhang Temple is full of Tibetan Buddhist shrines and other various centers. Around 15:00 we will tour one of the largest commercial streets in front of the Jokhang Temple called the Barkhor Street. Feel free to purchase drinks, tea, souvenirs, or anything the local vendors have to offer at your own expense. The rest of the evening is set aside for free time for the guests and we highly recommend you explore some of the nightlife that Lhasa has to offer.


D3 Driving from Lhasa to Yamdrok, stay overnight at Gyantse, 4000meters, 6hrs driving

There will be a six hour drive and we will reach altitudes of 3900 meters. After breakfast, we will travel through the Gang Bala region roughly 4900 meters above sea level. Roughly 3 hours into the drive, we will reach the world’s highest freshwater lake, Yamdrok Lake. This lake is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. When we arive at the lake we will take a short break in order for the guests to take pictures of the magnificent view. The view is one of the most beautiful places in the world, full of a bright blue water, snow capped mountains, and even local herders who pass through the area on a routine basis.

After a small break for pictures we will hit the road again and travel about 4 hours to reach Shigaste, check into the local hotel, and the rest of the evening will be the guest’s free time.


Day 4 Visit Tashilhunpo Monastery and Sakya at Tingri, stay overnight at Tingri, 4300 meters, 5.5 hrs driving

Today’s plan is to explore two of the most famous monasteries in Tibet, Tashilhunpo Monastery, regarded as the Tibetan Buddhist centre of Rear Tibet, is the most popular attraction in Shigatse. And it is the seat of the Panchen Lama since the Fourth Panchen Lama took charge in the monastery. Plus its counterparts, like Gandan Monastery, Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery of Lhasa, jointly were ranked as Four Grand Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. As a must-see spot for travelers and buddhist followers, Tashilhunpo monastery plays a very important role for Tibetan Tourism. This is an old local saying, that, one has never been to Shigatse if ignoring Tashihunpo Monastery. After lunch we will tour the Sakya Monastery which is famed as the “Second Dunhuang” due to its colossal collection of numerous Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, murals and Thangkas. These two monasteries are two out of the three major monasteries in Lhasa and we hope that you will enjoy the culture and beautiful sites they have to offer.


Day5  Tingre – Rongbuk Monastery-Mount Everest Base Camp , 5200 meters, 4.5 hrs driving

In the morning, we will make our way to the Rongbuk Monastery, which is world’s highest temple located on the foothills of Mount Everest 4980m above sea level. Rongbuk is also an important site accessed in a few days travel across the Himalaya through the Nanpa La.

Less than 2 hours we will reach the Everest Base Camp and experience the charm of the Earth’s highest peak. In the evening we will watch the sunset and sleep in the tents at the base camp.

( Tips: The night accommodation in a little shabby, and the high altitude may cause some discomfort, guests are advised to bring their own sleeping bags for warmth)


Day 6 Mt. Everest overnight to watch the sunrise then depart to Lhatze, stay overnight at Lhatze. 4000 meters, 4 hrs driving

We will stay at Mt. Everest overnight to watch the sunrise. There is no specific scenic spot during the day, but you will have the chance to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery on the way stop at any time for photography


Day 7 Drive to Namtso Lake and overnighter in local guest house, 4100meters and 12 hrs driving

Today we will drive to Namtso Lake as our destination. As the second largest salt lake in China, the lake lies at an elevation of 4178m and covers an area over 1920 square kilometers. The water here is a storybook crystal-clear blue. Staying overnight is the best thing to do as you can avoid the crowds of tourists. You can enjoy the breathless sunset and millions of stars in night!


Day 8  Namtso – Lhasa, free time in afternoon, overnight in Lhasa, 3200meters, 6 hrs driving

Go back to Lhasa in the morning. Enjoy your free time and shopping in afternoon, have a nice dinner in evening.


Day 9 Depart from Lhasa

You could choose to depart from Lhasa by train or flight depending on your budget; the tour guide will see you off at airport or railway station. We hope you exchange contact information with other members in the group in order to stay in touch. Thank you for traveling with us and we hope for safe travels back to your hometown! 

Trip Cost: 6500 - 7800rmb/person


  • Accommodation: six nights in three star hotel, one night in 2-star hotel in Namtso and one night camping at Mt. Everest, all included with daily breakfast (Chinese & Western food)
  • Transport: Business Van with 5-30 seats , airport picking up service
  • Tickets: main ticket attractions listed above
  • Other: Mineral water, Tibetan bilingual tour guide, travel insurance, lorry oxygen bottles
  • Tibet Tour Permit fee for expats; remember foreigners need to apply at least 15 days before the trip
  • Gift package with Anti-altitude sickness and sleeping kit with air pillow, eye patch& earplug will be given free of charge once you register


  • Main transport to and from Lhasa; people will book flight/train ticket at their own expense, but the organizer will help book tickets if needed
  • Lunch and dinner during the trip
  • Single room supplement 1500rmb / person
  • Personal expense and unpredictable costs
  • Tips for Tour Guide and Driver
  • Anything not listed in INCLUSIONS


Recommended Packing List for Tibet


  • Comfortable hiking shoes, sneakers or walking shoes
  • 3 or 4  pairs of hiking pants (at least 1 pair of waterproof/windproof hiking pants)
  • pairs of cotton socks, pairs of wool socks, pairs of underwear
  • 1 or 2 sets of thermal underwear (tops and bottoms)
  • 1 set of warm pajamas for overnight
  • mid-weight or heavy-weight winter coat (down recommended for travel in the months from Oct—Apr)
  • lightweight hooded rain jacket for any travel done from April to October
  • warm hat, warm gloves, scarf (optional)
  • sun hat with wide brim
  • 2 or 3 fleece tops
  • 4 or 5 T-shirts (Mixture of short and long sleeved)


  • small flashlight (torch) or headlamp with extra batteries
  • sunglasses with UV protection
  • 1 liter Nalgene bottle
  • small thermos for tea/hot water
  • day pack that is 20 L to 30 L in size to keep accessible in the vehicle
  • 1 small bag for dirty clothes, etc

Personal Hygiene and Toiletry Items

  • sun block/sun screen that is SPF 35 or higher
  • lip balm that contains sunscreen
  • skin moisturizer (optional)
  • anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
  • small hand-held mirror (optional)
  • deodorant
  • feminine products
  • shaving products
  • travel size soap and shampoo
  • toothbrush and tooth paste
  • wet wipes
  • 2 rolls of toilet paper (toilet paper not provided in many public toilets)
  • nail clippers
  • band-aids and moleskin for blisters
  • ear plugs
  • cotton buds/Q-tips

Food and drinks

  • Snacks – Chocolate, squeeze biscuits, etc
  • Drinking water is a necessity


  • A belt bag to pack enough amount of cash with you.
  • Cellphone, camera, etc with extra batteries
  • Tibet Maps and other useful Tibet guiding papers
  • Flashlight, lighter, pocket knife, sewing kit
  • A first aid kit including Aspirin, antibiotics and other medicines
  • It would better if you bring some small stationeries such as pencils, notebooks to Tibetan children as gifts.
  • ID and Passport

Useful Trip Notes

1. Tibet Permits

There are several permits required to visit Tibet. Tibet Entry Permit, issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau, is the most important one which has to be obtained before your trip because you must have it to take your flight/train to Tibet. To get the permit, you have to book a Tibet tour with us, and send us your passport and Chinese visa about 15 days in advance, and then let us apply for the permit (all Tibet permits can only be applied by travel agency).

2. Available Months to Visit Tibet

Generally speaking, months from April to October are recommended. Other months are usually very cold, and possible have heavy snow, especially in regions like Mount Everest, Mount Kailash, Namtso Lake, etc.

3. High Altitude Sickness 

The average altitude of Tibet is about 4000 meters above the sea level (Lhasa: 3700m; EBC: 5200m; Namtso: 4718m). You may suffer a bit from High Altitude Sickness in the beginning days of your Tibet trip if you haven’t had rich high plateau travel experience. But don’t worry too much, the high altitude can be acclimatized usually in 2~3 days. Our suggestion is to take a physical examination and get suggestions from your doctor, and also bring some medicines to prevent from High Altitude Sickness before your trip. While in Tibet, you should keep warm all the time, avoid strenuous activities, drink more water and eat more vegetables and carbohydrates. You’d better not take showers during the first two days after your arrival at Tibet. If you don’t feel well, get help from your tour guide or go to the hospital without any delay.

4. How to Go to Tibet 

5. Packing and Wearing Ideas

Firstly you can’t forget your passport and Chinese Visa. A large backpack and a smaller one are recommended (the smaller one can be used for daily activities). Also bring the necessary medicine you need. Other stuffs like sunglasses, snow glasses, hats, lip balm, sun block are recommended.

As for wearing, you are suggested to dress in layers (both thin and thick jackets). Down jacket is necessary in Spring and Autumn. A pair of durable and comfortable shoes is necessary.

About Tibet Entry Permit

  • Before travel in Tibet, non-Chinese citizens must handle Tibet Entry Permit, which need possess a permit by TTB(Tibet Travel Bureau). The information needed are Passport photo page and China visa page.
  • Here are the sample of Passport photo page and China visa Page:

  • Here are the sample of Tibet Entry Permit which has two pages:

The sample of first page:

The sample of second page:

  • Please note that Foreign Passport Holders need to send your passport photo page plus China visa page scan copy to us for applying for Tibet Tour Permit at least 15 Days before the trip!

Special Note

Event Registration

Send an email to travel@okdealclub.com or send a Wechat message to OKDealTravel with the subject "RSVP for 9-Day Tibet Mt. Everest Tour 2018" and includes the following information registration. Once we have received your application a confirmation number will be entered into the travel contract and payment confirmation will follow.

(Required) -

Travel Date Event Date:

Full Name Full Name:


Date of Birth:

Nationality Nationality:

Mobile phone:


Passport / ID No. Passport / ID number (for the purchase of Travel Insurance)

(Optional Items) -

Emergency contacts and telephone #:

Food needs/ preference:

Room requirements:

Long Press this QR code of Wechat Custmer Service Account for RSVP & Inquiry

The Trip Organizer: OK, Deal! Club http://www.okdealclub.com/

Potala Palace布达拉宫

Jokhang Temple大昭寺

Lake Yamdrok羊卓雍错

Rola Glacier卡若拉冰川

Tashilhunpo Monastery扎什伦布寺

Everest Base Camp珠峰大本营


Namco Lake纳木错

Sho Dun Festival雪顿节晒大佛

Local Transport with Business Van with 7 seats当地商务车交通

Accommodation - 3-Star Hotel三星级酒店住宿

The Inside of Everest Base Camp

Free Gifts with Anti-Altitude Sickness Pills and Sleeping Ki Once You Sign Up报名即送免费礼物(抗高反红景天及旅游三宝)

Free Gifts with OK,Deal Outdoor Scarf

OKDealClub 2018西藏挑战珠峰9日游



旅游地点:中国 西藏

旅游路线:拉萨 - 羊卓雍错 - 江孜日喀则 - 定日 - 珠峰大本营 - 拉孜 - 纳木错 - 拉萨


二月团:2018215日周四 - 23日周六 6500元/人 (春节假期) 

四/五月团:2018428日周六 - 56日周日 7300元/人 (五一劳动节)

六月团: 2018年6月16日周六 - 24日周日 7500元/人(端午节)

七月团: 2018年7月14日周六 - 22日周日 7500元/人

八月团: 2018817日周五 - 25日周日 7500元/人(西藏雪顿节)

九月团: 2018922日周六 - 30日 周日 7500元/人(中秋节)

十月团: 2018930日周日 - 108日周一 ( 十一国庆节)7800元/人

十一月团: 20181110日周六 - 18日周日 6500元/人



2 -3人报名立减100元/人



活动费用:7300- 8100/ 中国籍客人可立减300元入藏手续费




电话 15001791355 邮箱 travel@okdealclub.com

客服微信 13817105549(okdealtravel)  公众微信OKDealClub














D1 飞机/火车到拉萨,成员集合,休息自由活动。宿拉萨

D2 拉萨市区景点,布达拉宫, 大昭寺,八廓街。宿拉萨

D3 前往羊卓雍错,游览之后前往江孜。宿日喀则

D4 前往日喀则,游扎什伦布寺。午餐后前往定日,游萨迦寺。宿定日

D5 定日出发到达绒布寺,游览后前往珠峰大本营。 宿珠峰大本营

D6 珠峰过夜看日出后前往拉孜,参观平措林寺。宿拉孜

D7 拉孜前往纳木错游览纳木错宿纳木错

D8 返回拉萨,自由活动,逛街购物

D9 导游送别,行程结束



D1 集合日,飞机/火车到拉萨贡嘎机场(拉萨集合日)车程1小时到达拉萨市区(海拔3650米),休息自由活动,宿拉萨

成员抵达拉萨后,由当地导游接机,乘车前往酒店入住,本日无行程,抵达酒店后,建议做好适应性休息。 (温馨提示:为了更好的适应高原气候,建议当天晚上避免洗头及洗澡,充足的睡眠是减低高原反应的最佳办法)


D2 全天游拉萨市区,用过早餐后前往布达拉宫午餐后游览大昭寺下午,可以结伴逛八廓街拉萨最大的商业街,八廓街有很多特色的手工艺摊位,虽然已经有了1300年的历史,但是老城的风貌依旧保存完好用过晚餐后,可以去泡泡酒吧,体验拉萨市区的夜生活宿拉萨




D3 从拉萨出发车程2小时到达羊湖,海拔4441距离107公里.游览羊湖美景,享用午餐之后驱车前往地江孜车程约4小时平均海拔4000游览江孜之后,最后到达今天的住宿地,距离93公里的日喀则





D4 寺庙参观日上午游览日喀则的扎什伦布寺,下午前往定日的萨迦寺,宿定日,车程约5.5小时,海拔4300米




D5早晨从定日出发前往海拔最高的寺庙 - 绒布寺,参观后继续向前进发,转景区小交通到达珠峰大本营,体验地球巅峰的魅力,运气好的话有机会看到日照金山和珠峰旗云,晚上观看日落和满天繁星,在大本营帐篷内过夜车程4.5小时 海拔5200米




D67点左右准备好拍摄珠峰日出时分,绕行珠峰之后启程前往拉孜 宿拉孜 车程5小时



D7 拉孜前往纳木错, 宿纳木错,车程12小时,.海拔4178.







D9 解散日,返回目的地



活动费用: 6500 -7800/ 中国籍客人可立减300元入藏手续费


  • 住宿:三星宾馆六晚,纳木错二星旅店一晚,珠峰帐篷一晚 (含中西式自助早餐
  • 交通:商务车当地交通(7一车),机场接送服务
  • 门票:以上所列景点大门票
  • 其他:藏族双语导游,旅游意外保险,随车氧气瓶
  • 外籍人士入藏许可证费用,需提前15天提交资料办理
  • 本团可以报名预付定金后可获旅游赠品: 高原安/红景天抗高反药物,旅游三宝用品



  • 上海至拉萨单程机票车票,费用自理,俱乐部可代订
  • 行程正餐由成员自理
  • 单房差1500/
  • 个人参与的游览项目及不可预知的费用



  • 毛巾洗漱用品
  • 干粮,水果零食,保温水壶
  • 拉杆箱,背包,推荐随身携带腰包装证件和贵重物品
  • 太阳镜,遮阳帽,润唇膏,防晒霜/喷雾防晒袖套,防晒衣
  • 身份证/护照原件,外籍客人需带好入藏证原件,否则可能无法登机
  • 随行药品推荐: 感冒药,止痛药,肠胃药,创可贴,红景天,晕车药等
  • 防寒羽绒服和冲锋衣,保暖衣物,防水防滑徒步鞋,长袖T恤衬衣,换洗衣物
  • 各种数码产品充电器,西藏地区无线网络信号有限,有些地区甚至没有手机信号





  • 西藏海拔高日照强烈,早晚温差大,海拔5000米的地方温度趋近0度,请带好保暖衣物和防晒用品,注意不要感冒,注意防晒,注意保暖,即使是夏天也要带够厚衣服!
  • 西藏线行车时间较长且部分路段有限速,建议随身准备零食和水果补充体力,另外带一些常用感冒药、肠胃药在身边
  • 西藏境内安检制度异常严格,请客人随身携带身份证/护照原件以及入藏证以备随时查验,并一路配合导游进行各项安检工作
  • 西藏旅游前注意充分休息,避免剧烈运动,注意防止感冒,提前10多天吃红景天/高原安等药物,路上每天吃抗高反药物,止痛片感冒药急救药必备随身携带,患有严重心脏病和高血压者不宜入藏
  • 注意安全和环保,随身携带垃圾袋,尊重当地人宗教信仰和生活习惯
  • 建议带些小零食,文具赠送给当地的藏族小孩,最好不要给钱
  • 出行前兑换一些一元的纸币以备沿途上厕所,当地不收硬币,厕所卫生条件一般比较差,建议带一把伞野外解决
  • 西藏当地饮食以藏餐和川菜为主,西餐可以吃到尼泊尔菜、咖喱等
  • 西藏地区与上海有3-4小时时差,吃饭时间相对比较晚
  • 拉萨市内打车一般是10元,司机经常途中拉客拼车,大家不要大惊小怪
  • 乘坐飞机入藏的乘客建议选择左侧靠窗的位置,这样左侧的喜马拉雅山脉可以一览无余。乘坐飞机离开时建议选择右侧靠窗的座位,这样返程时可以看到很多雪山!
  • 藏区旅游时切勿私自行走,以免与当地藏狗、牦牛等发生冲突,发生意外。


1. 基本信息:高原反应是人体急进暴露于低压低氧环境后产生的各种病理性反应,是高原地区独有的常见病。常见的症状有头痛,失眠,食欲减退,疲倦,呼吸困难等。头痛是最常见的症状,常为前额和双颞部跳痛,夜间或早晨起床时疼痛加重。肺通气增加如用口呼吸,轻度活动等可使头痛减轻。

2. 治疗:




3. 心理准备:情绪上要相对放松,不要过分紧张和兴奋,对于身体健康的人来说,完全可以很快适应拉萨等地三四千米的高度,不必惧怕高原和高原反应。

4. 专家建议:初入高山者如需进4000m以上高原时,一般应在25003000m处停留23天,然后每天上升的速度不宜超过600900m。到达高原后,头两天避免饮酒和服用镇静催眠药,不要作重体力活动,但轻度活动可促使习服。避免寒冷,注意保温,主张多用高碳水化合物饮食。




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