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Join OK,Deal! Travel Club the most fun and experienced expats friendly trip organization

 OK,Deal! Travel, established from Oct. 2007 is setting a new standard with this company. We strive to offer original and amazing trips every single week from group tour to Corp. team buidling. A typical travel group ranges from as few as 20 to 50 attendees. We hope you will join us and our over 10,000 current members for a good time.

About OK,Deal!

  • Over 10 years of experience in traveling and social events organizer

  • More than 80 fun trips from short to long distance every year

  • Around 40 professional tour leaders trained by OK,Deal! ourselves

  • More than 3000 members participating per year

  • Professional team with over 10 years of working experience in the local tourism industry.

We organize over 80 expat friendly trips every year, with a lot of different activities like:

  • Mountain Hiking

  • Boating

  • Kayaking &SUP

  • Culture sightseeing

  • Cooking & Creative Workshops

  • Rafting

  • Cycling

  • Beach camping

  • Ice Festival and Skiing

  • Hotsprings&SPA

  • Swimming in nature pools

  • Dinner Barbeque

  • Staying overnight in a quiet countryside

  • Treasure Hunting and Team Building Games

We offer travelling services including

  • Weekend Getaway around Shanghai with 1- 3 days to Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangsu Province.

  • Long distance tour with 4 - 10 days in China including Tibet, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan Province.

  • Tailor -Made trip planning service for private group

  • Team building service for companies and communities.

Why choose OK,Deal! Travel as your travel organizer?

  • Expat & Children friendly service for mixed group with our bilingual language.

  • Unique and wide variety of travel routes with Non-commercial, natural and peaceful destinations.

  • Western friendly drink and food selection.

  • Professional team with trip planning and operating with over 10 years experience.

  • Traveling while networking with like minded people

  • No compulsory shopping and No commission from your purchases.

  • Lower costs with better quality.

You will benefit from our service if you are --

  • Expats Social Groups/Communities

  • Private friends/family group

  • Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

  • Foreign companies

  • International School

  • All westerners related private groups

We organize over 80 expat friendly trips every year, with a lot of different activities like;

  • Mountain Hiking
  • Boating
  • Kayaking
  • Culture sightseeing
  • Cooking & Creative Workshops
  • Yoga& Meditation
  • Rafting
  • Cycling
  • Beach/Forest Camping
  • Ice Festival and Skiing
  • Hot spring/ SPA Retreat
  • Swimming in nature pools
  • Dinner Barbecue
  • Staying overnight in a quiet countryside
  • Treasure Hunting and Team Building Games

The following example routes are only for a minimum 10 people travelling group. The specific price will be in accordance to the number of travelers, travel items, meal budget, accommodation, seasonal cost etc.

Corporate Travel Service Procedure团队旅游服务流程:

  • Customers offer your general trip planning requirements, such as destinations, date, members, meals standard etc. 客户选择旅游目的地和路线,告知大体需求如旅游天数,团队成员,饮食要求等
  • Trip organizers offer travel plan proposal and quotation 组织者提供旅游设计方案和报价
  • The two parties communicate and modify the details双方进一步沟通,修改细节
  • The customers confirm about the travel plan, sign a contract and pay deposit, the organizer starts to book hotels and transport.客户确认,签订合同并支付旅游定金,组织者开始订房订车等准备工作
  • The customer provides the travel members list for buying insurance旅游前三天客户提供成员名单用于购买旅游保险,组织者采购旅游所需用品
  • Travel services offered for the group旅游当天组织者派出领队全程服务
  • Get customer feedback after the trip旅游后客户提出反馈意见,双方完成合作


Click Here To Customize Your Private Tour!点击这里填写旅游需求获取方案报价!

Please feel free to contact us for more details and proposals.

Trip Contact& Inquiry: +86 21 31379879/ 150 0179 1355

E-mail: travel@okdealclub.com 

Public Wechat: OKDealClub 

Customer Service Wechat: OKDealTravel


One-Day Outing –

One-day Horseback Riding and BBQ Trip At She Shan 佘山骑马烧烤一日游

One-day Outdoor Laser Strike and BBQ at Chongming Island 崇明岛真人CS户外烧烤一日游

One- Day Golf Social Outing高尔夫交友一日游

One-Day Water Town Treasure Hunt in Zhujiajiao朱家角古镇寻宝一日游

One –Day Hangzhou Tea Tasting & Hiking杭州龙井问茶&九溪踏青徒步一日游

One-day Suzhou Mt. Yangshan Hiking and HotspringRetreat 苏州阳山登高,温泉休闲养生一日游

One-day Yangcheng Lake Cycling, Hairy Crab Lunch & Chongyuan Temple Tour 金秋阳澄湖品蟹自行车骑行一日游

One –Day Hengsha Island Cycling & Strawberry Picking Up横沙岛欢乐骑行草莓采摘一日游

One –Day Kayaking& Ancient Watertown Tour 4th July 2015水上皮划艇体验召稼楼古镇一日游

One –Day Sheshan Hiking& Beach Pool Chill Out Sat. 11th July 2015佘山徒步&沙滩泳池休闲一日游

One –Day Kayaking& Sailing at Dianshan Lake淀山湖皮划艇帆船户外野餐一日游

Half Day French Concession Walking Tour法租界文化半日游

One-day Mudu Ancient Town & Tianping Mountain Fall Foliage Tour 苏州天平山木渎古镇秋色红枫一日游

One-Day Qionglong Mountain Hiking & Picnic 苏州穹窿山一日游

One –Day Lotus Lake Kayaking, SUP& Nanxiang Ancient town Tour银翔湖赏荷花皮划艇SUP 体验南翔古镇一日游

One-Day Summer Weekend Jingkongli River Hiking Tour 夏日周末井空里峡谷清凉溯溪徒步一日游

One Day Fuzhi Mountain Glacier & Blossom Terrace Hiking Trip 覆卮山春日赏花,踏冰川石浪,足千年梯田古村一日游

Two-Day Getaway –

Summer Weekend 2-Day Moganshan(莫干山) Rafting, Hiking &Cycling 莫干山竹林爬山骑行峡谷漂流两日游

2-Day Tonglu(桐庐) Country Getaway –Baiyunyuan(白云源) Hiking& Underground River Boating周末桐庐“香格里拉”白云源+垂云通天地下河探险两日游

2-Day Tong Li Watertown Culture Tour --Deluxe 5-star Hotel and Teppanyaki Dinner Party 同里水乡古镇苏式园林两日游 – 超值豪华五星酒店住宿加自助晚餐

2-Day Zhuji Wuxie Waterfall Tour 绍兴诸暨五泄观瀑两日游

2-Day Banxi Ancient Town  River Rafting Trip宁波班溪古镇惊险刺激漂流两日游

2-Day Jilong Mountain Hiking, Repelling and Cave Exploring 纪龙山探洞岩壁速降两日游

2-Day Anji Water Rafting &Campfire BBQ Trip – Mountian Hiking and Nature Pool Swimming 安吉漂流篝火烧烤两日游

2-Day Yixing(宜兴) Bamboo Forest Tour and Pottery Workshop江苏宜兴竹海观光 + 陶祖圣境动手制陶休闲两日游

2-Day Huangnan Red Maple Leaf Trail Hiking Tour& Forest Hotspring Retreat黄南古道徒步行赏秋风梯田醉人红叶(Late Autumn Route深秋路线)

2-Day Plum Flower &Taihu Lake Wetland Tour at Xishan Island, Suzhou苏州西山赏梅太湖湿地骑行休闲两日游(Spring Route早春路线)

2-Day Shitan Village Flower Hiking & Xin` an River Boating Tour石潭古村油菜花摄影徒步新安江山水画廊之旅(Spring Route早春路线)

2-Day Anji Nine Dragon Canyon Getaway安吉九龙峡度假村休闲避世两日(漂流可选)

2-Day DanzhuVillage 2-Day Getaway -- Green Valley Hiking& Nature Pool Swimming夏日避暑仙居淡竹山谷潭水小溪玩水两日游(Summer Route夏日玩水路线)

2-Day Getaway for Tianmu Grand Canyon (天目大峡谷) Nature Pool Swimming& River Rafting(Summer Route夏日玩水路线)

2-Day Xinchang Country Getaway 新昌船游天烛仙境,徒步千丈幽谷两日游

2-Day Ancient Gingko Corridor Tour& Hotspring Retreat长兴古银杏长廊行摄温泉泡汤两日(late Autumn Route深秋路线)

2-Day Zhinan Village Fall Foliage Tour 9th -10th Nov. 2013临安指南村行摄最美秋叶,神龙川山水瀑布两日游(late Autumn Route深秋路线)

2-Day Anji Weekend Ski & Hot Spring Tour安吉藏龙百瀑观竹海,江南天池滑雪温泉养生二日游(Winter Route冬日线路)

2-Day Ninghai Hotspring Retreat & Eastern Zhejiang Grand Canyon Hiking Tour 1st -2nd Jan.2012宁海森林温泉泡汤 +浙东大峡谷山水游((Winter Route冬日线路)

2-Day Shaoxing Romantic Cherry Blossom Tour & Zhujiwuxie Mountain and Waterfalls Getaway  早春绍兴赏浪漫樱花,诸暨五泄游瀑布山水休闲两日游(Early Spring Route初春路线)

2-Day Shangougou Village Bamboo Rafting and Green Valley Getaway 7-8 Sep. 2013浙江余杭山沟沟森林氧吧+双溪漂流戏水二日游

2-Day Weekend Sanshan Island Getaway  -- Cycling and Mountain Hiking周末太湖三山岛环岛骑行+登山赏花两日游

2-Day Siming Mountain Getaway探幽四明山两日游

2-Day Shimen Canyon Getaway临安十门峡山水瀑布户外泳池休闲两日游(4-Star Resort)

2-Day Weekend Xinghua Village Flower Tour 周末赏兴化千岛油菜花+溱湖古镇两日游

2-Day Qinhu Lake Overnighter -- Dragon Boat Racing &Zongzi Cooking Workshop 端午假期溱湖湿地激情赛龙舟包粽子文化体验两日游

Liuxi River Kayaking & SUP Yoga Summer Escape浙西小三峡皮划艇水上瑜伽禅修静心之旅

Three-Day Getaway –

3-Day Moganshan Escape &Hotspring Retreat 莫干山竹海徒步单车古镇 ( Most Popular)

3-Day Shangougou Village Escape 余杭山沟沟山水美景避世三日游

3-Day Xinchang Country Lake Boating& Ancient Trail Hiking 新昌外婆坑少数民族村文化体验,丹霞古道穿岩十九峰徒步三日游

3-Day Lishui Village Trip –River Water Rafting and Green Valley Hiking 浙江丽水南尖岩观云海梯田,飞石岭天然泳池畅游 加 乌溪江漂流三日游

3-Day  Xianju Country Spring Blossom Hiking Tour 清明假期仙居公盂徒步骑行赏油菜花


3-Day Tantou Island  Summer Beach Camping 宁波檀头岛夏日沙滩露营三日

3-day Taohua Island Trip – fishing and mountain hiking, beach party and camping (hostel optional)舟山桃花岛三日游 – 沙滩露营,出海垂钓,薰衣草赏花(可选住旅馆)

3-day Wenling Mt. Fangshan, Beach& Fishing Trip温岭海滨休闲出海打渔三日游

Shitai Country  Mountain Hiking& Cave Exploration安徽石台赏峡谷潭水 探蓬莱仙洞

Eastern ZheJiang Grand Canyon Hiking & Nature PoolCamping, BBQ and Swimming浙东大峡谷徒步天然潭水畅游,篝火烧烤露营三日游

Yellow Mountain Hiking &Hongcun Village Luxury Tour 黄山宏村三日游(奢华五星酒店住宿)(经典路线Classic Route)

Huihang Ancient Trail Hiking徽杭古道徒步三日

3-Day Wuyuan Cole - Flower HikingTour醉美婺源赏油菜花海+徽商古村落三日徒步摄影之旅( Early Spring March to April)

3-Day Qingming Holiday Xianju Country Spring Tour逍遥仙居赏黄金油菜花海+永安溪漂流三日游(Early Spring March to April)

Wuyue Trail Hiking Tour 吴越古道徒步赏浙西天池瀑布仙人洞

3-Day Mt. Jianglangshan Tour浙江衢州戴笠秘宅/江郎山 /二十八都古镇三日游

3-Day Huaxi Village  Tour磐安花溪幽谷戏水三日游

Daming Mountain Ski,Hotspring & Heqiao Ancient Village Tour 大明山滑雪赏雾凇,湍口温泉泡汤,河桥古镇寻古迹三日游( Winter Route冬季路线)


Nanxi River Tour 楠溪江竹筏漂流+山水美景+高山瀑布三日游

Sanqing Mountain, Zhuge Bagua Village and Wuyuan Village Tour 三清山/诸葛八卦村三日游

3-Day Xin`an River Cruise , Lingxi Cave& Xinye Village Tour(Hotspring Optional)船游新安江,探秘仙境灵栖洞,考古新叶古村三日游(温泉可选)

3-Day Yandang Mountain Tour 雁荡山三绝经典三日游

3-Day Hou`an Village Escape “醉”美天台后岸村休闲度假三日游

3-Day Qiandao Lake Kayaking & Cycling Getaway 千岛湖青山碧水皮划艇骑行森林氧吧三日游

3-Day Yixing Tea Garden Cycling, Longchi Mountain Hiking and Clay Pottery Workshop 宜兴茶园骑行/龙池山徒步/紫砂文化体验三日游

Cangling Ancient Trail Hiking, Ancient Town Sightseeing & Riverside Cycling 仙居苍岭古道徒步皤滩古镇永安溪自行车骑行三日游

3-Day Gouqi Island Beach Camping & Abandoned Village Tour 绿野仙踪枸杞岛童话古村探秘沙滩漫步三日游

3-Day Oct. Holiday Fishing village and Island Hiking Tour 第一渔村赏绝美花岙岛千亩盐田身心徒步之旅

Tianmu Mountain Hiking& Rafting 登顶西天目山赏冰川瀑布激情漂流三日游

3-Day Yunhe Rice Terrace Fairyland Escape 壮美云和梯田画乡缙云仙都宁静之旅

3-day Kuocang Mountain Camping, Sunrise-seeing & Cliff Hiking Tour 五一假期浙江台州括苍山露营看壮美晚霞日落、飞鹰道徒步悬崖挂壁三日游

Longer Trips –

3-Day Beijing Private Tour Package 2-12 Pax北京经典三日游私人团

4-Day Xi’an Terra-cotta & Mt. Huashan Private Tour Package 2-12 Pax西安华山兵马俑经典四日游私人团

4-Day Shaolin Chinese Kung Fu Tour 河南少林寺功夫修学云台山四日

4D3N Xiamen Tour – Gulangyu Island and Hakka Earth Building浪漫厦门鼓浪屿+福建土楼四日自由行

7D6N Gannan Country Tour –Labrang Temple, Sangke Prairie, Langmusi and Flower Lake七天六晚长线甘南川北桑科草原拉卜楞寺郎木寺藏式风情游

4D3N Avatar Zhangjiajie Tour张家界双飞四日游 –重返《阿凡达》中的美景

5D4N Guilin Tour 2013 –Li River Cruise, Longji Terrace and Yangshuo Tour 桂林五日游--船游漓江山水画廊、骑行遇龙河、行摄龙脊梯田、休闲阳朔

5D4N Sanya Vacation Trip(Deluxe 5-Star Hotel and Departure Every Thursday in May with Minimum 2 person for a group) 2013三亚五日海滩度假自由行 – 亚龙湾五星酒店住宿,五月内2人起每周四发团

8-Day-7-Night Classic Sichuan Tour四川经典八日游--Chengdu(成都)—Dujiang Yan(都江堰) – Qingcheng Mountain(青城山) – Mt. Leshan(乐山) – Mt. Emei(峨眉山) – Jiuzhaigou Valley(九寨沟) – Huanglong(黄龙)

10-Day-9-Night Yunnan Classic Tour 十天九晚云南大理丽江香格里拉经典游

8-Day-7-Night Yunnan Tour七彩云南八日游

5-Day Harbin Winter Skiing Tour冰雪童话世界哈尔滨滑雪赏冰灯五日游

Tibet Classic Tour西藏经典游路线(拉萨-日喀则 -珠穆朗玛峰 -纳木错)

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