OK , Deal!Club 6- Day Philippine Bohol Island Beach Getaway& Diving Tour 菲律宾薄荷海岛潜水6天5晚 -PADI考证,巧克力山眼镜猴,沙滩度假村,无限浮潜

Travel Location: Bohol Island, Philippine


Trip Date

Wed. 27th Dec. 2017 - Mon. 1st Jan. 2018 ( New Year Holiday)

Fri. 16th - Wed. 21st Feb 2018 ( Chinese Spring Festival Holiday)


Trip Quotation : Start from 2380rmb/person

Number of peers: 2 -10 person (minimum 2 pax for one group).

Accommodation standards: Four star Beach Resrot with five nights’ hotel accommodation with daily breakfast

Trip Inquiry:15001791355  travel@okdealclub.com  Wechat: okdealtravel nPublic Wechat OKDealClub

Travel Routes Highlights--

★  Scuba dive in one of the best diving places in the world, Bohol Island, Philippines, a divers heaven with cheap deals and convenient transportation.

★  Enjoy stunning sceneries and incredible varieties of marine life whilst wall diving, including turtles, clown fish and corals, sea horse, different kind of nudibranch, stone fish, crabs, eel, jack fish storm, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks

★  Beautiful white sand and crystal blue water for ultimate relaxation, you can enjoy snorkelling anytime on the beach

★  Stay at the top-ranked diving resort on Alona Beach, hundreds of restaurants and bars around for yummy BBQ food and fun nightlife

★  Besides diving you can also enjoy Eco tours on Bohol Island, including hiking at Chocolate hills and seeing the smallest monkey, SUP at waterfalls and Kayaking in the evening to see the fireflies

★  This trip is not only good for divers but also good for non-divers who just want a beach getaway and get a suntan. Diving classes are offered for diving beginners

★  Each OKDealer member who signs up for this trip will get a free gift of travel sleeping essentials.

Travel Route Overview -

D1 Bohol Arrival, Airport pick up and half a day to relax, get your diving equipment or prepare for diving class

D2 Enjoy 3 Fun Dives a day or join OW/AOW classes

D3 Enjoy 3 Fun Dives a day or join OW/AOW classes

D4 Enjoy 3 Fun Dives a day or join OW/AOW classes

D5 Enjoy free time or visit Chocolate hills/ Tarsier

D6 Departure from Bohol


About Bohol –

Bohol is one of the most diverse and attractive destinations in the Philippines. Covering an area of 4,117 square kilometers, it is essentially an agricultural province, with rice, coconut and corn as the main produce. Fishing is a major industry.

Bohol is home to countless white sandy beaches, a hilly interior, rice terraces, numerous historic churches and watchtowers, enchanting waterfalls and caves, the stunning and unique Chocolate Hills and a Tarsier Sanctuary, where you can see this small, cute, endangered primate with their huge eyes in their natural habitat.

You can enjoy diving at Bohol all year around, and most of the dive sites are located within a short boat distance from Bohol to the nearby Islands. The main and best spots are:



Balicasag is a really beautiful small Island now declared as a Marine Sanctuary. It features superb Coral, healthy Reefs with a teeming reef life. It is also a very good snorkelling spot!


The visibility is usually excellent around Pamilacan. The hard and soft Coral is really beautiful. It is a great place to see the gentle giants, the Manta Rays ! Here you can also spot lots of Pelagic fishes such as Barracudas, Dogtooth Tunas and Jacks. Pamilacan is also famous for seeing Dolphins and Whales ;-).

Panglao Island (Alona Beach)

Where our hotel is located. This is a great place for critters and underwater macro photography. Here you can see Ghost pipefishes and the weird looking Frogfish.

Cabilao Island

As it is located about 2 hours away from Bohol Island, this requires a full day trip. This place is really great for wall diving with great chances to spot many pelagic fishes like Barracudas, Dogtooth Tunas and Giant Trevallies!

From December to June, you may also get the chance to see schools of hundreds of Hammerheads Sharks! The best time to spot them is just after sunrise or just before sunset.

For Non-Divers, there are plenty of other outdoor activities that you can enjoy on Bohol Island

Lying on the Beach and getting a Suntan

Eco Tours to see the Chocolate hills and Tarsiers

Zip Lining/ Riding

Paddle boarding at waterfalls

Kayaking and watching fireflies


About Accommodation – Oasis Beach and Dive Resort

Located on the center of Alona Beach Panglao City, Oasis Beach and Dive Resort has been ranked as one of the top resorts on Bohol island. The resort offers an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace and free WiFi access.

If you feel like visiting the surroundings, check out Loboc River, 6 km away and Alona Beach, 7 km away.

The resort is 88 km from Mactan Cebu International Airport and 20 km away from Tagbilaran Airport.

The accommodation provided includes a private balcony and a minibar. There is also a safety deposit box and a work desk. Featuring a shower, private bathrooms come with a hairdryer.

Oasis Beach and Dive Resort houses a garden where guests can socialize or enjoy a cup of tea. Guests can also indulge in a relaxing massage. The friendly staff can arrange for diving and snorkelling activities at the beach.

A variety of local and international cuisines are served at the restaurant. Cocktails and beers can be enjoyed at the bar.


Main Transport for reference –

Option One -- Take flight from Shanghai to Tagbilaran/Bohol island with Air Asia/ Asia Pacific or Cebu Pacific Air with transferring at Manila, it takes 30mins drive from airport to Alona beach/Dive Resort)

Option Two - Take flight to Cebu then transfer to Ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran/ Bohol for 2 hours)

Trip Cost: 


What You Should Bring:

  • Several clothes, bikini and swimming suits, Backpack, suitcase, towel, flipflops
  • Sunscreen, Body lotion, Sunglasses, flashlight, umbrella, waterproof bag, snorkelling or diving equipment if needed,  diving certificate and dive log for divers,
  • First aid medicines, ID card /passport and enough cash, other personal stuffs


Special Note

l Please note that we will charge a deposit of  half the amount of the payment when you sign up, the balance will be paid at least 2 days before departure by bank transfer or cash at office. If you cancel the trip, the deposit will be refunded in accordance with the appropriate OkDeals Rules and Regulations

l  Other Application Instructions Please read carefully before paying the deposit OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q & A  outdoor travel registration process and FAQ


Event Registration

Send email to travel@okdealclub.com or send Wechat to OKDealTravel with the title "RSVP for 6-Day Bohol Island Diving Tour"includes the following information registration, we will reply you with agreement and bank account for taking deposit.

(Required) -

Travel Date Event Date:

Full Name:




Mobile phone:


Passport / ID No. Passport / ID number (for the purchase of Travel Insurance)

(Optional Item) -

Emergency contacts and telephone ::

food taboos / Preference:

Room requirements:


Click here for OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A  户外旅游报名流程及常见问题解答http://www.okdealclub.com/forum/topics/ok-deal-club-outdoor-trips


Trip Organizer: OK, Deal! Club http://www.okdealclub.com/

菲律宾薄荷海岛潜水65 PADI考证,巧克力山眼镜猴,沙滩度假村,无限浮潜


【活动目的地】 菲律宾 薄荷岛 邦劳


圣诞元旦团: 2017年12月27日周二 - 2018年1日1日

春节团:2018年2月16日周五 - 21日 周三

【活动天数】 六天五晚
【活动人数】 2-10人左右(2人起可独立成团,6人以上从上海派全陪领队,时间价格另议)

【导游】  薄荷岛当地专业潜水领队,中英文双语讲解

【费用】   2380元起



活动咨询 15001791355 travel@okdealclub.com 客服微信 OKDealTravel  公众微信OKDealClub



v  畅游东南亚最美的海岛——菲律宾薄荷岛,探索世界潜水爱好者的天堂。

v  25年五星级潜水度假村,体验最专业、最全面、最安全的潜水课程。

v  考取全球通用Padi潜水证,9次潜入深海,欣赏神奇的海底大断层奇景、大海龟、海豚、鲸鲨、杰克鱼群风暴和茂密绚烂的珊瑚。

v  游览世界自然遗产巧克力山,探访哈利波特的世界,观看菲律宾国宝——世界最迷你的眼镜猴。

v  住5晚海滨四星级酒店,欣赏薄荷岛最美日出与晚霞。

v  报名此路线即获OK,Deal! 旅游三宝礼物一份



D1  上海飞薄荷岛,中午抵达后休息,全天自由活动,熟悉装备和课程

D2  海边自由活动或潜水课程OW/AOW或者FUN DIVE 一天三潜

D3  海边自由活动或潜水课程OW/AOW或者FUN DIVE 一天三潜

D4  海边自由活动或潜水课程OW/AOW或者FUN DIVE 一天三潜

D5  海边自由活动/游览巧克力山、看眼镜猴

D6  从薄荷返回上海







巧克力山:巧克力山是薄荷岛卡门(Carmen)附近一处自然奇景,是电影 《哈利·波特》的取景地。哈利·波特骑着扫帚在山顶上飞过的镜头就是在这里拍摄的。


迷你眼镜猴:又名侏儒眼镜猴,是世界上最小而且最珍稀的灵长类动物,体型只有老鼠般大小,体长约为11厘米,体重只有50克左右,头部能够转动180度,在薄荷岛Tarsier Resarch可以可以看到这种小精灵。





× 签证

× 上海至薄荷岛往返机票,费用自理,俱乐部可代订,每张收取50元手续费。

× 行程正餐由成员自理。

× 单房差 1220元/人。

× 个人参与的游览项目、发票及其他私人消费等产生的费用。

× 眼睛猴/巧克力山一日游,自费200元。

× FD装备租赁,价格1000比索/天,折合人民币145元/天左右。

× 电脑表租赁

× 小费。












l   只要您执行正确操作并采用正确的技巧,潜水是一项非常安全的运动。如果不遵守既定安全程序,就会具有一定危险性。潜水者需要有良好的呼吸循环系统、健康的身体空腔,并且安全地进行水肺潜水,绝对不能超量。

l   潜水课程分别提供中文和英文教学,具体要求视学员情况而定



× 孕妇

× 患有高血压、心脏病、感冒、充血人员

× 患有癫痫和其他重大健康问题人员

× 易受酒精和药物影响等人员



  • 潜水前已经怀孕
  • 高血压、糖尿病、心脏病或中风的病历
  • 目前在就医
  • 经常感冒、鼻窦炎或支气管炎等任何肺部疾病种类
  • 气胸
  • 耳朵疾病、听力丧失或平衡问题等
  • 近六个月动过手术者



v  请确定要参加本次活动的队员及时与俱乐部联系15001791355,并预交定金 2000元/人,余款出发送团前付清。若取消此活动,定金退还按照俱乐部相应制度执行

v  其它报名注意事项请在交纳定金前仔细阅读OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A  户外旅游报名流程及常见问题解答



发送email 到travel@okdealclub.com或者客服微信到OKDealTravel,注明标题“RSVP for 6-Day Bohol Diving Tour”包括以下信息报名,我们收到申请后会和你及时确认人数签订旅游合同及确认付款方式。


Travel Date活动日期:

Full Name全名:






Passport/ID No.护照/身份证号(用于购买旅游保险)

(选填项) --





旅游组织:OK, Deal! Club(http://www.okdealclub.com,Shanghai Getaways&Social trips every weekend上海英语国际白领旅游社交圈,周边游多样路线每周末发团!) 




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