Weekend Yellow Mountain Overnighter for Sunrise & Xihai Valley Hiking周末黄山观日出赏奇松怪石西海峡谷穿越两日游2018

Join us on a weekend adventure to the Yellow Mountains. Enjoy hiking up the beautiful mountain range and taking in the spectacular views of this natural marvel. You will also stay overnight at the top of the Yellow Mountains.  

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Yellow Mountain, also known as Huang Shan(黄山), is a mountain range in southern Anhui province in eastern China. It is a frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature, as well as modern photography, due to its spectacular natural scenery. The area is well known for its pine trees, incredible sunsets, peculiarly-shaped granite rocks and peaks, and views of the clouds from above. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Check Our Previous Trip Photo Album Here: http://www.okdealclub.com/photo/albums/ok-deal-2-day-mt-yellow-seeing-sunrise-hiking-trip4th-nov-201-6


Hiking Difficult Rating: ★★★☆☆Moderately Strenuous-Long length, substantial elevation gain, and/or difficult terrain. Suitable for experienced hikers only



Destination : Yellow Mountain, An Hui Province (安徽  黄山)

Travel Date: 

Group in Oct. : Fri. 26- Sun. 28 Oct. 2018

Group in Nov.: Fri. 23- Sun. 25 Nov. 2018

(2 nights 2 days during the weekend)

Cost: RMB 1440 p/p(Includes transportation, two nights accommodation,  part of  meals,  entrance fee, one way cable car going down, tour guide and travel insurance)

Number of Travelers: Around 30 people of many different nationalities

Accommodation: One night in 3- star hotel & one night in a hostel with 4-6 people shared bunk-bed dorm on mountain top

Bus pick up: 7pm Friday at Kunlun Hotel, Jing An Temple, Ext 1 Jing An Temple Metro Line 2&7

Trip Inquiry



Customer Service Wechat:okdealtravel

Public Wechat: OKDealClub


Please note that due to the limitation of food and accommodation on the top of the mountain, we will stay overnight in a 6-8 person dorm in a hostel with bund beds. Extra 500rmb/person need to be charged if you want to upgrade to living in standard twin room on mountain top. Breakfast is also not included on D3.


Trip Itinerary 

D1 Meet and depart from Shanghai at 7pm. 6 hours bus drive to hotel. Check-in to hotel in Tunxi city. Go to sleep around 1am.

(Breakfast: N  Lunch: N  Dinner : N  Accommodation: 3-star hotel in Tunxi City)

D2  Enjoy a Chinese & Western-style Breakfast. At 9:30 a.m, we'll head to the Yellow Mountain scenic spot. We'll start the 4-5 hour hike to the top. A cable car up the mountain is optional with extra fee (price for reference: 88rmb/person.) Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Yellow Mountains, with its oddly-shaped pines and rocks, and mystical seas of cloud. Around 6pm Check-in to hostel. Enjoy your free time in the evening and have dinner at your own expense.

( Breakfast: Y  Lunch:N  Dinner : N  

Accommodation: Hotel on Mountain Top with Bunk Bed )


4am Get up early to watch a stunning sunrise at the top of the Yellow Mountain (depending on weather conditions). After breakfast (at your own expense), we will start another hike to visit Xihai Valley (西海大峡谷). You may also bring some snacks while hiking. We'll hike around 3~4 hours to the cable car station and take a cable car to the foot of the mountain. After lunch, at around 2pm, we'll leave for Shanghai. We will arrive back in downtown Shanghai around 8pm.

( Breakfast: N Lunch: Y  Dinner : N     Accommodation: N )



What you need to bring

  • Your ORIGINAL ID card or passport, some cash.
  • Backpack
  • Several sets of clothes, and socks, jacket to keep warm
  • Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen
  • Hiking shoes and trekking pole
  • Towel, shampoo and other toiletries
  • Mobile phone, camera and relating chargers
  • High-energy snacks (chocolate, beef jerky etc.), fruit and other snacks.
  • Your own dinner and breakfast to have at the top of the Yellow mountain


The following will be provided by the organizer:

  • Water, rain coats(depending on weather forecast), western style breakfast for the first morning, garbage bags, First-aid kit


Trip Cost: 1440rmb/Person

Cost includes:

Transport with private shuttle bus from and to Shanghai, Bus transport to and from mountain in tour attraction

One way cable car going down the Yellow Mountain

Two nights’ accommodation in 3-star Hotel and bunk bed dorm at mountain top

Two meals during the trip listed above

Travel insurance, Bilingual Tour leader and local tour guide service


The trip cost DOES NOT Include:

  • D2 lunch,dinner and D3 breakfast on Yellow Mountain top. You may prepare snacks in advance or buy food on the mountain (it’s expensive and not recommended)

  • Hotel room upgrade to standard twin room on mountain top with extra 1000rmb/room/night for two people to share

  • Cable car going up to the Yellow Mountain ( price for reference: 88rmb/person )

  • Your personal expenses as well unexpected expenses


About Accommodation

3-star hotel at Tunxi– Twin/King shared room with private bathroom and 24-hour hot water

Hotel at top of Yellow Mountain -- 6-8 people in each dorm, mixed gender. Each room has their own private bathroom and 24-hour hot water for shower. Guests need to bring their own towel and toiletries

Extra 1000rmb/room/night will be charged if upgrade to Standard Twin Room

Register for the Trip

(RSVP deadline with one week before departure date)

Please send the following information below to wechat: okdealtravel or email travel@okdealclub.com with the title of “Yellow Mountain Weekend Overnighter”, to register. Call 15001791355 for more details


We will then inform you as to how to pay for the deposit 500rmb once we get your application.


(Necessary info.)

Travel Date:

Full Name:






Your Passport/ID Number:

(Optional Info.)

Emergency Contact Person:

Food& Beverage Preference:

Hotel Room Preference:


About the trip:

500RMB/person deposit needs to be paid before the trip as commitment. You can do this by bank transfer/wechat/alipay or cash at office.


Check here for OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A 户外旅游报名注意事项


Trip Organizer: OK, Deal! Travel - Shanghai Weekend Getaways&Social Trips上海英语国际白领旅游社交圈http://www.okdealclub.com/

OK, Deal! Club周末黄山观日出赏奇松怪石西海峡谷穿越两日游2018年3-11计划



黄山 --位于安徽省南部黄山市。为三山五岳中三山的之一,有“天下第一奇山”之美称。为道教圣地,遗址遗迹众多,传轩辕黄帝曾在此炼丹。徐霞客曾两次游黄山,留下了“五岳归来不看山,黄山归来不看岳”的感叹。黄山可以说无峰不石,无石不松,无松不奇,并以 奇松、怪石云海温泉、冬雪五著称于世








活动地点:中国  安徽  黄山


十月团: 10月26日周五 – 28日周日

十一月团: 11月23日周五 – 25日周日


同行人数: 30人左右 中外年轻白领





15001791355/ 13817105549


客服微信: okdealtravel

微信公众号: okdealclub





早餐:不含      午餐:不含    晚餐:不含            



周六:在酒店享用中西式自助早餐后,9:30点出发,到达黄山景区,乘景区交通车至缆车口。(请自备午餐,食物和水)登华东第二高峰--光明顶,登高望远,体现君临天下之感觉,远观黄山第一高峰-莲花峰, 游览天海景区:鳌鱼峰、鳌鱼吃海螺、鳌鱼驮金龟;游览玉屏楼景区:迎客松、玉屏卧佛、远观天都峰等景点,于傍晚入住黄山山顶酒店。自理晚餐后自由活动或者休息

早餐:含       午餐:不含     晚餐:不含            



周日:早4点起床观日出, 自理早餐后,出发前往西海大峡谷,又被称为白云谷、梦幻景区,是黄山风景区新开发的一处景区,团队游客较少,适合喜欢徒步的游客前往探幽。谷内奇石嶙峋、山洞幽邃,步道多贴着绝壁建造,神秘和奇险是此谷风景的突出特点。徒步3~4小时后,约11点统一乘坐缆车下山,换乘景区小交通至汤口镇。下山后,用午餐,2点左右乘车返回上海,8点到达终点,结束愉快的行程。

早餐:不含      午餐:含       晚餐:无




  1. 登山用中号双肩背包,多套换洗衣裤(山上温差大,请带保暖外套),登山鞋/运动鞋(防水防滑功能),登山杖,护膝,洗漱用品,毛巾,手电等
  2. 保温杯,太阳镜,防晒霜,唇膏,面巾纸,徒步干粮,补充体力用小零食(如牛肉干,巧克力等)
  3. 护照/身份证原件,少量现金等





l  豪华大巴来回车费,

l  部分餐费1早1正,

l  2晚酒店住宿,第一晚三星酒店标间,第二晚黄山山顶多人间

l  所有景点大门票,下山缆车

l  双语领队服务和旅游意外险.



l  第二天午餐、晚餐;第三天早餐、晚餐自理

l  黄山景区上山缆车(参考价:88元/人)

l  黄山山顶酒店升级至双人标间需另付1000元/房/晚

l  发票,私人消费以及一切不可预知事项所产生的费用。


关于住宿:第一晚屯溪三星酒店,双人分享独立卫浴, 第二晚黄山山顶酒店,多人间男女混住独卫房床位(上下铺)1晚住宿;独立卫浴、24小时热水、免费洗澡;游客需自带浴巾和洗漱用品





  • 上山轻装,少带行李,以免过多消耗体力,影响登山。
  • 黄山气候变化很大,时睛时雨,反复无常。登山时要带雨衣,下雨风大,不宜打伞。
  • 登山以穿登山鞋、布鞋、球鞋为宜,穿皮鞋和塑料底鞋容易滑跌。为安全计,登山时可买一竹棍或手杖。
  • 山高路陡,游山时以缓步为宜,不可过速。为安全计,一定要做到“走路不看景,看景不走路”。边走边看比较危险。
  • 游山时应结伴同行,相互照顾,不要只身攀高登险。
  • 登山时身略前俯,可走“Z”形。这样既省力,又轻松。
  • 上山时要带足饮用水、饮料和必备的药品,以应急需。
  • 在高峻危险的山峰上照像时,摄影者选好角度后就不要移动,特别注意不要后退,以防不测。
  • 为了保护黄山风景区的清洁卫生,不可随地乱扔垃圾、废物,沿途皆有垃圾池。




发送微信到okdealtravel 或者email 到travel@okdealclub.com者发送短信到15001791355,注明标题“ Yellow Mountain Weekedn Overnighter””包括以下信息报名,我们收到申请后会和你及时确认付款方式。


Trip Date旅游日期:

Full Name全名:






Passport/ID No.护照/身份证号(用于购买旅游 保险)

(选填项) --






第一次报名参加本俱乐部旅游活动的成员请回复“3”仔细阅读OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A  户外旅游报名流程及常见问题解答


旅游组织:OK, Deal! Club(http://www.okdealclub.com,Shanghai Getaways&Social trips every weekend上海英语国际白领旅游社交圈,周边游多样路线每周末发团!)


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