OK,Deal! 8-Day Shangri-la Meili Snow Mountain & Yubeng Village Trekking Tour – The Most Beautiful Trekking Route in the World!丽江古城-香格里拉-梅里雪山-徒步雨崩圣地8日游

Yunnan Province is one of the most alluring hiking destinations in China. Our unique hiking route starts from Lijiang,we will drive to Feilaisi and will pass Yila steppe and Bay Moon. There is the best place to appreciate the Meili Snow Mountain at Feilaisi.And maybe you can see the spectacular sunrise from mountain top.From there we head off into the lost paradise Yubeng village ,what means our three days trekking start. Our trek will take you into an incredibly stunning area of ancient forest, lush flowering valleys and dramatic glaciers. After that we will back to Feilaisi,Where you will have a another chance to capture the sunrise.Then,we will head to Shangri-la and will pass the Baima Snow Mountain,visit the Ganden Sumtseling Monastery and the Napa lake.After a night in Shangri-la,we will hike the extensive Tiger Leaping Gorge and back to Lijiang.


Travel Location:China Yunnan Yubeng Shangri-La

Travel Route: Lijiang-Feilaisi-Yubeng Village -Ninong-Feilaisi-Shangri-la-Lijiang

Travel Group Date:

Sun. 30th Sep. - Sun. 7th Oct. 2018 (National Day Holiday ) 

Price: 6199RMB p/p

Early Bird Discount with 5899rmb if sign up by 30th July 2018

Cost includes:7 nights accommodation with breakfast,Local transportation,Main tickets of the Spot,Bilingual tour guide service and Travel insurance.

Trip Inquiry:15001791355 travel@okdealclub.com Wechat: okdealtravel Public Wechat  OKDealClub


Route highlight

★ Trekking in the most alluring hiking area in China,You will pass through the ancient forest, have a chance to see rare animals and snow mountain...

★ Living in the hotel or B&B of local Tibetan culture

★ Overnight at Feilaisi,Seeing sun rising from the spectacular Meili Snow Mountain.

★ Visit the lost paradise—Shangri-la&Yubeng village


Fight reference

Shanghai Hongqiao T2 – Lijiang Eastern Airline MU5819 06:55 - 11:10

Lijiang – Shanghai Hongqiao T2 Eastern Airline MU5820 12:00 – 15:20


Travel Route Overview

D1 Lijiang gathering day, ancient city tour, trekking preparation

D2 Lijiang - Shangri-La - Deqin County – Feilaisi

D3 Meli snow mountain sunrise, trekking from Xidang village to Upper Yubeng Village

D4 Continue the trekking from upper Yubeng village - ice lake –No.1 camp base – Lower Yubeng village

D5 Trekking to God waterfall, return to Yubeng Village then trekking to Nongnong Village and take bus to Feilaisi

D6 Bus to Shangri-La , visit Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, Napa Lake, Tibetan party with dancing show in night

D7 Drive back to Lijiang and visit Tiger Leaping Gorge on the way

D8 Farewell by tour guide with transfer to Lijiang Airport/train station, the end of the trip

The altitude of tour attractions

Feilai Temple飞来寺3360 meters 

Xidang Village西当村2560 meters  

那宗拉垭口3700 meters  

Upper Yubeng Village雨崩上村3100 meters 

Lower Yubeng Village雨崩下村2800  meters

Ice Lake冰湖3900   meters

Ninong尼农2800 meters


Trip Itinerary:

D1 Lijiang Gatherying Day, tour guide will pick you up at airport or train station, after hotel check in, we will Start your trip from Lijiang Old Town and culture of Naxi Minority. Enjoy the beautiful village scenery on the way and feel the beauty of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from different angles,. The rest time is on your own. People says that you must try the bar if you are in Lijiang. But should not be stay up for our tour tomorrow.

Accommodation:Lijiang Ancient Town Hotel


D2 Start off at 6:30 to Feilaisi and have lunch at Deqin town. After lunch, we will pass the first barrier from Yunnan to Tibet—Baima Snow Mountain. And then head to the observation deck, Which is the best place to appreciating Golden Mountain top(spectacular scene that sunshine reflect on the top of Meili Mountain).We will overnight at Feilaisi, where you can see the whole of Meili Snow Mountain.

Accommodation:Feilaisi Guanjing Tiantang Hotel


D3 Get up at 7:00 to see sunrise from Snow mountain top. And then head to Xidang Village and start your 6 hours trekking to Upper Yubeng village. You will travel through the primeval forest, and pass Zongya Pass (3,900 above sea level) and reach Upper Yubeng Village. Yubeng is a beautiful place at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain. . After check in the Tibetan Hostel of Yubeng village, you can walk around to know more about the life of the local people.

Accommodation: Upper Yubeng Village


D4 After breakfast, depart from the accommodation place and pass by a forest meadow, and hike through high-altitude forests. After three hours we will arrive at Xiaonong Base Camp (3,900 above sea level). After some rest continue hiking to Binghu Lake (4,100m above sea level). Then back to Upper Yubeng Village,not stay too long but head to lower Yubeng village to sleep. At the sunny day,the sky of Yubeng will full of star. Not a single one should sleep too early to miss the starry night.

Accommodation:Lower Yubeng Village


D5 After breakfast,we will set out to the Sacred Waterfall. With the rue getting steeper, the scenery will be more alluring. About 2 hours to walk , we will arrive at the sacred Waterfall. In Tibetan`s mind, it is a sacred place to purify sprit. After a short time break, we will back to lower Yubeng village to have lunch. And then leave Yubeng and driving back to Feilaisi.

Accommodation: Feilaisi Guanjing Tiantang Hotel


D6 If you did not see the sunrise at feilaisi due to the weather,You get another one chance. After breakfast, visit a Tibetan Buddhist monastery – Ganden Sumtseling Monastery. After that We will spend some time in Napa Lake, where you can see a group of yak and goat on the steppe. We will arrived Shangri-la before dusk. The night at Shangri-la will be splendid. There will be a Tibetan party, you will learn Tibetan dance ,taste butter tea and barley wine here.

Accommodation: Shangri-la Ancient Town Hotel


D7After breakfast,we will look around the Shangri-la ancient town and try to turn the biggest prayer wheel in the world together. And then head to mid Tiger leaping Gorge. After trekking the Gorge for a few hours, we will back to Lijiang at about 17:30.

Accommodation: Lijiang Ancient Town Hotel


D8 Our trip ends that day, let’s look forward to the next trip.


Trip Date & Cost:

Group In April: 

Wed. 4th - Wed. 11th April 2018 (Qingming Holiday) 5899RMB p/p


Group in June: 

Fri. 15- Fri. 22 June 2018(Dragon Boat Festival)  5899RMB p/p


Group in Oct.: 

Sun. 30th Sep. - Sun. 7th Oct. 2018 (National Day holiday ) 6199RMB p/p


The Fee Includes:

l   Transportation: MPV local transport (11- 22 seats) , airport picking up& seeing off service

l   Tickets: main ticket attractions listed above(Bay moon、Observation deck、Yubeng Village、Ganden Sumtseling Monastery、Napa lake、The Tiger leaping Gorge)

l   Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel at Lijiang/Shangrila/Feilaisi and Tibetan hostel at Yubeng Village

l   Other: bilingual tour guide, travel insurance


The price DOES NOT include:

l   Main transport from and to Lijiang, people will book flight/train ticket at their own expense, the organizer will help to book tickets if needed

l   Lunch& Dinner on your own expense

l   Single room supplement 1300 rmb / person

l   Personal expenses and unpredictable costs.

l   Tour guide& Drivers tips



Water proof climbing shoes.backpack,trekking pole,hat,sunglasses,hiking jacket and pant,clothes for keep warm,hiking sock,sunscreen cream,flashlight,rain gear;

Accessories—Lip balm, hand lotion, heating pad ,towel, shampoo, Sunglasses,flashlight,beef jerky and chocolate(for replenishing your personal strength) medicine and other personal things

ID card /passport and enough cash.


Special Note

l Please note that we will charge deposit of  2,000rmb / person when you sign up, the balance will be paid in 2 days before departure by bank transfer or cash at office. If you cancel the trip, the deposit refund system implementation in accordance with the appropriate club


l  Other Application Instructions Please read carefully before paying the deposit OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q & A  outdoor travel registration process and FAQ


Event Registration

Send email to travel@okdealclub.com or send Wechat to OKDealTravel with the title "RSVP for 8-Day Shangri-la Meili Snow Mountain & Yubeng Village Trekking Tour “"includes the following information registration, we will reply you with agreement and bank account for taking deposit.

(Required) -

Travel Date Event Date:

Full Name:




Mobile phone:


Passport / ID No. Passport / ID number (for the purchase of Travel Insurance)

(Optional Item) -

Emergency contacts and telephone ::

food taboos / Preference:

Room requirements:


Click here for OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A  户外旅游报名流程及常见问题解答http://www.okdealclub.com/forum/topics/ok-deal-club-outdoor-trips


Trip Organizer: OK, Deal! Club http://www.okdealclub.com/

About the Attraction

Feilaisi Incense Table                                                              

Feilaisi Village is on the National Highway 214 starting from Deqin County to Tibet, and is 11 kilometers away from Deqin County. The local Tibetans and the passers-by all go there to burn incense and to pray. It is the best position to shoot a panoramic view of the thirteen peaks and to look at the wonderful scenery of the sunrise and sunset.

Meili Snow Mountain, is located in Deqin County of Yunnan Province. It sits on the border of Yunnan Province and Tibet, where the three famous rivers, namely the Jinsha, Mekong (Nu) and Salwen (Lancang) flow.Known for the grandest view in Yunnan Province, Meili Snow Mountain boasts numerous snow-clad ridges and peaks, thirteen of which exceed 6,000 metersabove the sea level.

Visitors are treated to spectacular view from all vantage points. The continuous mountain ridges feature snowy peaks and the sun throws golden lights on the low-floating clouds which form various extraordinary shapes, affording yet another splendid view!

Yubeng Village                                                                        

Yubeng Village is situated at the foot of the Meili Snow Mountain Range. The village has 2 halves, Upper and Lower Yubeng, separated by a gorge; it takes about 45 minutes to walk from one to the other. From Upper Yubeng, trekkers have access to the Base Camp, and Ice Lake hikes (8 hours round trip). From Lower Yubeng, you can find the paths to the Sacred Waterfall (6 hours), and if you are a hardcore hiker, Holy Lake, which from a higher vantage point, has an unobstructed view of the Kawa Karpo Peak (6,740 meters), and most of the rest of the mountain range.

Lijiang Ancient Town

The Old Town of Lijiang, a well-preserved old city of ethnic minorities with brilliant culture, is a central town of the Lijiang Autonomous County of the Naxi Ethnic Minority in Yunnan Province. Located on the plateau which is 2,400 meters (7,874 feet) above the sea level and embraced by the tree-covered Lion Mountain in the west, Elephant and Golden Row Mountains in the north, vast fertile fields in the southeast and crystal clear water running through, the old town looks like a big jade ink slab, therefore got the alias the Town of Big Ink Slab (Dayanzhen). The charming Old Town is now a famous tourist attraction for its traditional ethnic culture and customs, inimitable buildings and the wonderful natural views.


Tiger Leaping Gorge 

Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡) is a scenic canyon on the Jinsha River, a primary tributary of the upper Yangtze River. It is located 60 kilometres (37 mi) north of Lijiang CityYunnan in southwestern China. It is part of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas World Heritage Site.

At a maximum depth of approximately 3,790 meters (12,434 feet) from river to mountain peak, Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the deepest and most spectacular river canyons in the world. The inhabitants of the gorge are primarily the indigenous Naxi people, who live in a handful of small hamlets. Their primary subsistence comes from grain production and hikers, foreign as well as Chinese.


Shangri-la (香格里拉), formerly known as Zhōngdiàn (中甸) and sometimes called 'Gyalthang' in Tibetan, is where you begin to breathe in the Tibetan world. That’s if you can breathe at all, given its altitude (3200m). Travelling here allows you to experience an intriguing blend of Tibetan and Han Chinese culture.Home to one of Yúnnán’s most rewarding monasteries and surrounded by mountains, lakes and grassland, it's also the last stop in Yúnnán before a rough five- to six-day journey to Chéngdū via the Tibetan townships and rugged terrain of western Sìchuān

 Ganden Sumtseling Monastery松赞林寺

 Napa Lake纳帕海

Tibetan Party Dancing藏式歌舞

OKDealClub 2017丽江古城-香格里拉-梅里雪山-徒步雨崩圣地8日游


旅游地点:云南 雨崩 香格里拉

旅游路线:丽江 –飞来寺--雨崩 --尼农--飞来寺--香格里拉--中虎跳峡--丽江


四月团:清明假期2018年4月4日周三-11日周三 5899元/人

六月团: 端午假期 2018年615  22  价格 5899元/人

十月团:十一假期 930日周日  10月7日周 价格 6199元/人



同行人数:8 -12人(4人起可独立成团,时间价格另议)


活动咨询:15001791355 travel@okdealclub.com Wechat: okdealtravel 公众账号 OKDealClub









上海虹桥T2 - 丽江三义机场 东方航空MU5819 06:55 - 11:10

丽江三义机场– 上海虹桥 东方航空MU5820 T2 12:00 - 15:20



D1 丽江接机,集合,古城游览,行前安排  宿丽江

D2 丽江-香格里拉-德钦县-飞来寺 宿飞来寺

D3 梅里日出, 而后车赴西当  徒步西当-雨崩上村 宿雨崩上村

D4 徒步雨崩上村-冰湖-1号营地-雨崩下村 宿雨崩下村

D5 徒步至神瀑,返回雨崩后再徒步至尼农  车赴飞来寺 宿飞来寺

D6 车赴中甸香格里拉  松赞林寺  纳帕海  香巴拉之夜歌舞晚会(报价不含)宿香格里拉

D7 古城  车返丽江 途中虎跳峡

D8 丽江送机(统一一次送机)  服务结束







雨崩下村2800 米

冰湖3900 米





下机后队员在丽江古城客栈集合报道 ,去丽江一定要体验这种纳西特色的客栈。安排好住宿之后,队员可自游逛丽江古城,初步适应高原反应。晚上当然要去逛逛丽江的酒吧,到丽江酒吧街来一场艳遇之旅。第二天行程将会很满,注意休息。










D4行程: 雨崩上村-笑农大本营-雨崩上村-雨崩下村








D6  日照金山-白马雪山-松赞林寺-伊拉草原纳帕海



D7 香格里拉-中虎跳峡-丽江                                       




D8 丽江- 家















四月团:清明假期2018年4月4日周三-11日周三 5899元/人

六月团: 端午假期 2018年615  22  价格 5899元/人

十月团:十一假期 930日周日  10月7日周 价格 6199元/人



门票:德钦套票(含金沙江大拐弯 迎宾台 飞来寺观景台 雨崩)、松赞林寺、纳帕海、虎跳峡

酒店: 丽江/香格里拉/飞来寺三星标准5晚,雨崩村藏家客栈独卫住宿2晚


























l  请确定要参加本次活动的队员及时与俱乐部联系15001791355,并预交定金2000元/人,余款出发送团前付清。若取消此活动,定金退还按照俱乐部相应制度执行

l  其它报名注意事项请在交纳定金前仔细阅读OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A  户外旅游报名流程及常见问题解答



发送email 到travel@okdealclub.com或者客服微信到OKDealTravel,注明标题“RSVP for 8-Day Yunnan Shangri-la Trekking Tour 2018”包括以下信息报名,我们收到申请后会和你及时确认人数签订旅游合同及确认付款方式。


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